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EauMG’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite Goth

2015 goth gift guide


Here’s my guide for all those that fancy the vampy! Every year I put together a holiday gift guide for the freaks, goths, post-punk dames, vintage vamps and alt-chics – all my favorite types of people. This is one of my favorite gift guides to put together as I never outgrew that “phase”; I just adapted better skills on how to conceal it “in the real world”. This is my guide where I want every single thing I have listed.

goth holiday gift guide


1. For Strange Women Solid Perfume Locket in Black Onyx – I’ve been doing this gift guide for years and realized that I’ve never included For Strange Women! I have no excuse for this. I love this refillable perfume locket in a gorgeous black onyx (other natural stones are also available). You can choose it’s scent. For this time of the year, I recommend Fireside Story, a smoky incense over vanilla. Retails for $84 at For Strange Women. 

2. Bruno Fazzolari Room 237 EDP – This is an indie perfume inspired by Kubrick’s version of “The Shining”. And I think we can all agree that is awesome, right? Room 237 weird but wearable herbal floral with hints of vinyl shower curtain. Retails for $96 at Bruno Fazzolari. 

3. Serge Lutens Beauté Water Lip Color in Black Bordeaux – You can totally go office goth in this luxurious lip stain. It’s like a “bruise” but makes a great base for deepening and adding dimension to reds. Serge Lutens makes some of my favorite “closet goth” cosmetics. Retails for $65 at Barneys. 

4. Yoshimomo Ghost Oil – Here’s a 100% pure, plant-based squalane oil that’s delightfully versatile and most definitely has a cool name. It can be worn alone or added to other skincare products. And goths are all about a flawless complexion; it’s all a part of the aesthetic. Retails for $38 at Yoshimomo. 


goth gift guide


5. Byredo Apocalyptic Candle – So much goth and post-punk fiction is obsessed with the apocalypse. And I’m obsessed with this candle. It’s smoky and slightly mineral. I love the sleek, minimalist vessel. Just talking about it, makes me want to go burn mine right now. Retails for $80 at Luckyscent.

6. Rituel de Fille Night Visions Collection – This collection was my favorite makeup collection of the year. Night Visions has an ethereal, candle-lit champagne cream eyeshadow and a dark purple lipstick that smells like lavender. It’s perfect for grown up goths, the entire brand is really. Retails for $50 at Rituel de Fille. My review here.

7. Blackbird Blood Countess Incense Pyres – This is an incense inspired by classic dragon’s blood incense and well, a famous serial killer born before their was Botox. The scent is spicy and resinous, really perfect for this time of year and perfect for any goth (I can’t think of being a teenager without thinking about nag champa and dragon’s blood). Bonus, no virgins were harmed in the making of this incense. Retails for $28 at Blackbird. 

8. House of Orpheus Perfume Sample Set – House of Orpheus is an alchemy inspired line based the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Their perfumes lean dark, smoky and woodsy. And with this set, one can experience all of their delightful darkness. Retails for $35 at House of Orpheus. 


gifts for goths


9. Formulary 55 Shea Butter Hand & Body Cream in La Nuit – Here’s a creamy body butter with a “black amber” scent. Oh, and skull packaging. It’s perfect for any goth on your list. Retails for $18 at Formulary 55.

10. MAC Look in a Box Classic Black Kit – From baby bats to “proper goths”, anybody can appreciate black eyeliner and mascara. It’s the sort of thing that will literally get used daily. And this set is a rather good value for three full-size products for $37 at Nordstrom.

11. Sick Soaps Ouija Board Soap – LOOK AT THIS! It’s sick! It’s a ouija board bar of soap scented with dragon’s blood because dragon’s blood is goth AF (in case you already didn’t know). Retails for about $6 on etsy. This shop has more creepy designs that would make the perfect goth hostess gifts.

12. Rebel’s Refinery Lip Balm– Is there anything gother than having a lip balm in a black skull with an embossed Hamlet quote on the bottom? Um, no. Available in three flavors (unflavored, passion fruit, mint). Retails for $8 at Ricky’s. 

13. Armour Beauty Lip Gloss in Siouxsie – All you really need to know about this lip gloss is in the name. It’s perfect for this guide. And the color isn’t too shabby. It’s a glossy cherry red that sure does benefit from a shit ton of eyeliner and teased hair. Retails for $24 at

I never said I was a goth expert because it’s a diverse subculture. This is my “dark beauty” gift guide that highlights a darker aesthetic regardless of given or chosen labels. I mention this because every year someone comes out of the depths of the Internet to school me on what’s “goth or not”. And I’m like, “Yo, I’ve been called a goth devil worshiper¹ since like, before you were even born, kid”. But, whatever. This is my guide for those of us that just lean towards a darker aesthetic and find beauty in the darkness.

Need more ideas? Here’s my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite Goth. Many of these are still available.

¹One of the many joys of growing up in the Bible Belt…

* and Nordstrom are affiliate links. I’m not financially compensated for my gift guides but I wouldn’t mind having a cushy gig like that.


20 thoughts on “EauMG’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite Goth

  1. Ahhh! I wait every year now for this wishlist (er, I mean gift guide. Right!) Funny enough, I have that sampler set from House of Orpheus on its way to me right now. What I need though, and which thanks to you will soon be on its way, is that SL lip color – I am absolutely fascinated! I will redeem myself by adding that I bought two of those skull lip balms last year and immediately gifted them, so I am not totally selfish! Just…mostly.

    1. I have samples of House of Orpheus that I’ll write about one of these days. I’ve been sooo behind on things. I’m still sampling things though. The line is good if you like smoky and woodsy.

      SL lippies have been my obsession this year. This stain is so weird because it’s seriously like a blue/gray stain that on some natural lips can look just so lovely – like a wine or berry. And then some of us look like we’ve gotten into a bar fight when wearing it alone. But, with a red gloss or lipstick, it’s really pretty. I just like having weird colors around. I love pulling a weird shade out of my makeup bag.

      They’re so neat. Living near Ricky’s is killing me because they always make me part with my money. They always get these neat little makeup thingies and I have to buy them. And I think something like that balm and that soap would be the greatest gift for under $15.

  2. I’ll have one of everything on the list please Santa. I love all of your gift guides, but this is my favorite I think. Will you be reviewing Room 237 any time soon?

    1. Santa is probably just bringing me a lump of coal but I can hope 🙂

      I hope to review 237 soon. I actually had my sample leak in my suitcase and had clothes smelling like it for ages. A friend decanted me some of hers so I would know what it smells like on skin and not just on fabric. I’m soo behind on my reviews. I’ve tested a lot of great stuff over the past few months but haven’t written about them!

  3. Ya know, December is a terrible time to try a no buy. So many wonderful things to try out. So many sales… BTW, you always know about the coolest little stores and shops and I just want to say thanks for introducing them to me. I’m trying to purchase from small businesses more often and thanks to you, I have been able to happily do so! I say this as I smell of vanilla and cardamom perfume oil and have just placed my first Rituel de Fille order 😉

    1. Yeah, a no-buy ain’t happening. It’s just too tempting. There are sales, GWPs and value gift sets. It’s impossible.

      Oh, yay! Glad you’re finding new things! I’m so curious as to what you bought from Rituel de Fille 🙂 Now that it’s cooler, I’ve been all about their cream blush.

  4. Not gothic…but love that soap bar! Must have. Reminds me of all times my girlfriends and I played with the board. The locket is calling my name and I like the brand. As is the skull lip balm. How is the body cream? I’ve been looking for a another good amber cream. I’m using up the last of my Prada L’Eau d’amber which is such a lovely scent alone and as a base. I like the Haus of Gloi amber, but nuts, if they haven’t gotten so popular is’s not always available.

    1. I think of the ouija board (and its scent of dragon’s blood) as very, very nostalgic. It’s so “teenage” for me.

      I want that locket. I look at it like a piece a jewelry I’d wear PLUS the added bonus of perfume. And they are refillable. Which is good because I like a few of her scents.

      The F55 cream isn’t as subtle as Prada’s (which is something I wear when I have to work around folks and not hide in my house). It really is the perfect “base” IMO. I LOVe the Haus of Gloi one too but yeah, it’s always sold out. I can’t get the scrubs or that anymore. This one is good, like subtle musky amber with lavender but the lavender adds a muskiness (if that makes any sense). I’ve used the bar soap in that scent a few times.

  5. I have Room 237 and I really like it. It doesn’t last as long as I wish it would, but my skin’s been very dry. I need some fancy cream from Malle. I really love the gift guides. They are very helpful.

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this gift guide! I didn’t make it past the first item…I just purchased the For Strange Women Locket (fireside story) and a LE refill.
    I rationalized that I’m done shopping for the children and mum mum deserved a little gift for all the wrapping I’m about to do. Ha!
    Maybe there should be a No Buy November and a Decadent December for shopping?
    I’m also intrigued with the Rituel de Fille…so many thanks for introducing me to these “unknown to me” treasures.

    1. Oh, what do you think of it? I am so tempted by that LE scent.

      And yes, I support your No Buy November and Decadent December. This, I can get behind.

      Rituel de Fille is a cool brand. I use their lip products a lot. If you like creamy textures, their blush and shadows are worth checking out. I feel like they are my teenage “goth” colors but the finishes are more modern, more luminous so they work for me today 🙂

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