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EauMG’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Natural Beauties

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

I’m continuing with my holiday gift guides this week. Here’s my annual Gift Guide for Natural Beauties. This is my guide that contains a variety of products for those on your list that appreciate naturally beautiful products.

natural products gift guide

1. Amayori The Snow Ritual Complete Collection – I first tried Amayori natural bath products this year. It’s an aromatherapy brand inspired by Japan. This is the ultimate gift with all the brand’s products in the limited edition Snow Ritual scent of jasmine, yuzu and pine. Retails for $215 at Amayori. Yeah, I started my guide off with the most expensive gift first. But, you do get a lot in this set.

2. Phoenix Botanicals Peach Tree Garden Botanical Perfume – This newest perfume from Phoenix Botanicals is absolutely amazing. It’s juicy peach and osmanthus paired with darker, earthy notes like oudh and tobacco. I honestly can’t see how someone would not love this. Available in a few sizes with largest retailing for $110 at Phoenix Botanicals. 

3. Juniper Ridge Christmas Fir Trail Soap – I’m a huge fan of Juniper Ridge Trail Soaps and that’s why they always end up in my gift guides. This one smells just like fir trees in the Pacific Northwest, one of my favorite aromas. It’s the perfect fragrance for this time of year. Retails for $20 at Beautyhabit.

4. Herbivore Mini Facial Trio – For the natural skincare enthusiast, this is a great set of Seattle-based Herbivore’s best-selling facial oils. Includes roll-ons of Lapis, Phoenix and Orchid. They’re great for travel. Retails for $49 at Herbivore. 

5. Thorn & Bloom Perfume Sample Collection – Thorn & Bloom is a new natural perfume brand that launched this year. I’ve liked what I’ve sampled and that’s why I think the Sample Collection would make a great gift. It comes in a pouch and box. It’s ready for giving. Retails for $50 at Thorn & Bloom. 

natural product gift guide

6. Raw Spice Bar Subscription – This isn’t perfume related but it sort of is. Raw Spice Bar is this nifty monthly sub program that sends you three packs of spice blends with recipes. There’s usually a regional focus each month. It’s a perfect gift for a foodie but it’s also great for anyone that likes fragrances. It doesn’t just provide you with high quality spices but it also educates by giving more info on the spices, spice blends and their history. And Perfume People love this sort of stuff. It’s $6 a month or $66 for a year at Raw Spice Bar. 

7. Providence Perfume Co. Perfumed Tea Sampler Set – This year Providence Perfume launched perfume inspired teas. And they’re delicious. Here’s a sampler of all six in cute “alchemy bottles”. I adore Violetta and Orange Blossom Oolong but they’re all tasty. Retails for $30 at Providence Perfume Co. 

8. Becca & Mars Sweet Feet Peppermint Foot Scrub – This stuff smells like something I want to eat, but don’t worry. I won’t. It’s a blast of peppermint with sugar. It’s perfect for that extra pampering that winter requires. It’s a great addition to a gift basket or as a stocking stuffer. Retails for $11 at Becca & Mars. 

9.  FAR Botanicals Verde Oil Scent Sampler Set – I tried these earlier this year and fell in love. It’s like perfume for the hair but it also treats and conditions. I love all the fragrances and that’s why I recommend the set. It’s like a “perfume wardrobe” for hair. And a few drops of this oil is all you need for silky smooth hair. Retails for $44 at FAR Botanicals. 

10. Aftelier Vanilla Smoke EDP – I just reviewed this one. It was love at first sniff. It’s really a spectacular perfume for any perfume lover. It’s not just one for those that love naturals. It’s a great perfume, like a modern amber with smoke, amber and vanilla. Retails for $180 at Aftelier. A mini is available for $50.

Every year this is one of my favorite guides to put together because most of these brands are handmade and all the brands are small businesses. I like to support small businesses in general, but I really like to give my “holiday dollars” to them. It feels like a better use of my money in general. Also, these brands are making high quality items that make ideal gifts for a variety of people on your list.

Want more ideas? Here’s My 2014 Gift Guide for Natural Beauties, many of these products are still available.

*Beautyhabit and Raw Spice Bar contain  an affiliate link. Thanks! A few products mentioned were submitted for gift guide consideration. Some were previously reviewed and I was provided with samples from the brand. I am not paid for my gift guides. I only wish I were.

12 thoughts on “EauMG’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Natural Beauties

  1. Another good one! The spice one will be great for some cooking friends (and me). Ditto for the teas. Those look yummy. The verde oil sampler sounds interesting also. Last year I picked up some of Ms. Aftelier’s cook’s essences. Those were great little stocking stuffers. One drop was a heap of flavor.

    1. Those Aftelier oils are potent! I love using them though, but I think a bottle is going to last a lifetime!

      I’m going to review my Nov. Spice Bar (hopefully by the end of the week). I think it’s a good price for what it is. I mean, $6? The packs aren’t big or anything but I’m fine with that. I like trying new things and subscription service like this makes me.

      Fuh, I just remembered I have one of those PP teas brewing. Totally forgot about it. I has been one of those days…

  2. Hooray for the winter gift guide! I really love your gift guides, it’s clear you put a ton of thought into them!

    I’m also really tempted by the spice bar subscription. My husband is an avid cook and I’m doing my best to learn as well. He (We) would LOVE a gift like that!

    1. Thanks!

      I’ll get a post of the November spices up today or tomorrow to give everyone a better idea of what it is. Personally, I really like it. I think it’s a cool concept.

  3. Cool!

    Is it wrong to want to buy pretty much all of these for myself? I guess not, as long as I don’t actually do it. Fiscal responsibility and all that.

    I already ordered the Thorn & Bloom sample collection, a couple of weeks ago, and then promptly went out of town. I’m twitching with impatience to get back to my PO box.

    Would you doubt my intelligence if I told you that I didn’t realize that the blog name was a pun, until this October?

    I sheesh at myself.

    1. It’s OK to want to buy them all for yourself. This what I tell myself. I wish I could buy everything but it’s not feasible.

      There’s one or maybe two of the Thorn & Bloom that I haven’t sampled yet and I have no real excuse for that other than being busy. The ones that I tried/reviewed, I liked. Out of the ones I reviewed, my skin didn’t eat them. I was surprised by how long they lasted on my skin.

      You don’t want to hear my doofus confessions as I have many. Sooo many things where I feel really late to the party, lol.

  4. We always love your terrific gift guides Victoria, and feel honored to have Vanilla Smoke included – thank you so much for your kind words! Happy Holidays, xoxo Mandy

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