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EauMG’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Sweet Nieces & Teens

Auntie Mame

HUG your Auntie! This year, this Auntie Mame now has four nephews and one niece.¹ They’re all still really little so I’m not going to be buying them perfume or nail polish. Not yet. Here’s my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for nieces, teens and even tweens that would like glittery versions of Auntie Mame’s “pretty things”.

gifts for teens

1. Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System – I truly believe that a teen can respect the wonders of a Clarisonic. Yeah, it’s costly but think about, this is something your niece or nephew could potentially use every single day. Comes in a few colors. Retails for $99 at Sephora. 

2. Catseye London Nail Care Kit in Pug – Not going to lie, I’m going to buy this for myself. Extreme closeup of a pug, plus nail care tools. They also have kitties and bunnies but I’m a crazy pug lady and my nieces and nephews already know this. I’m Auntie Mame AKA “Crazy Pug Lady”. Retails for $12 at Nordstrom. 

3. Sugarpill Cosmetics Sparkle Baby Palette – Indie makeup line Sugarpill has done it again! Look at this cute packaging! Kittens and pastels! This palette contains four (mostly) pastel shimmer eyeshadow shades. Retails for $34 at Sugarpill. 

4. Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura Silk Cushion Cheek in Orange – So Karl’s Shupette line is well, childish. I think a lot of grown-ups were disappointed with the colors. But, don’t distress. We can still buy it…for the young people in our lives. The blushes compare to other Japanese “cushion” blushes and the packaging is adorable. Orange is a light, warm shimmery shade. Retails for $25 at Shu Uemura. 

5. Yves Rocher Cerisier en Fleurs EDT – This is a light, sweet almond floral and it’s by Francis Kurkdjian! It’s nice and light and won’t overwhelm a classroom or dad’s SUV. The 3.4 oz bottle retails for $28 at Yves Rocher and they frequently have it on sale. Bath and body products are also available in this scent.

6. Philosophy Pink Marshmallow Buttercream Trio – This is a holiday gift set containing three sweetly scented travel-size items that your niece can pack when she visits you: body lotion, shower gel and lip shine. Retails for $24 at Dermstore. 

gifts for nieces

7. eos Rachel Roy Smooth Lip Balm Sphere Set – Here’s a limited edition collab with designer Rachel Roy. All of the flavors are vacation inspired: Strawberry Kiwi, Orange Blossom and Pink Grapefruit. They’re fun. Retails for about $9 at 

8. elf Holiday 12 Piece Nail Cube in Jewel Tones – elf has great gifts for tweens and teens. Here’s 12 nail polishes in a variety of colors and finishes for $10. Available at elf.I’m tempted to buy one of these for myself.

9. Cha Cha Covers COSMOS Nail Decals – I’m late to the game but I’m loving nail decals. I mean, I’ve had De La Soul ones, Karl Lagerfeld ones, cans of Goya black beans on my nails…and I want everyone to have as much fun with them as I am! And LOOK AT THESE! You’re the cool aunt or uncle, you need to get them the Neil deGrasse nail decals. Retails for $6 at Cha Cha Covers (I’ve bought from this seller numerous times, very happy with them).

10. Smell Bent Sunshine EDT – It’s orange creamsicles and sandalwood. People of all ages like this sort of thing. Heck, this Auntie Mame even has a bottle! The 1.7 oz retails for $50 at Smell Bent. Full review here. It’s also available as an oil which is equally as nice.

I’m not going to lie, there are quite a few items featured in this gift guide that I want for myself…nail decals, pugs and perfume. And there are even a few that I already own.

Need more ideas? Some of these from last year’s guide may still be available 🙂

And stay tuned. More holiday gift guides are on the way!

¹Is there a plural, gender-neutral word for nieces/nephews? If there is, it should be more mainstream. And if there is, I want to start using it.

*Nordstrom, Sephora, Yves Rocher, Dermstore, and elf are affiliate links. Thanks! Also, I’m not financially compensated for my gift guides. I choose what I want 🙂

6 thoughts on “EauMG’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Sweet Nieces & Teens

  1. I think the word you are looking for is “niblings”

    Nice list, unfortunately this auntie’s niblings are too young for these items. I will just have to buy some for myself 😉

  2. Hmmm. there must be a word, right? some old Greek or Latin which would refer to the spawn of your sibling… of course it probably means something akin to “those who threaten my power and spill my perfume and must be thrown heretoforewith into the lions dens, after the orgies but before all gladiating.”

    i obviously did not take latin.

    soooo glad you put Rosalyn instead of… um.. other Mames. *ahem*

    i do believe SmellBent should have the status of Axe. in fact, let’s take EVERYONE’S Axe away and replace it with a SmellBent.

    also orange blossom lip balm made me drool a little.

    now if you’ll excuse me, i just realized i have six siblings- five of which have more than two children. it’s going to be a long line at the lion pit….

    1. I was told by someone else that “niblings” is the word. But, that reminds me too much of something an evil witch would eat in a children’s story or something that you feed hogs or something. I do know that other languages have words for all those different niece/nephew/aunt/uncle relationships.

      Russell always. She was great. Plus, she had English bulldogs, so she’s cool.

      I agree with Smell Bent. I say this a lot. It’s what teens and broke college kids should be wearing instead of Axe/Lynx and all that L Brands stuff.

      Oh, I have too many and I’m sure more will be on the way. And they’re all so little, but I do look forward to being their Auntie Mame. Speaking of, Three Dollar Bill Cinema is playing Auntie Mame this week downtown 🙂

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