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EauMG’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Sweet Nieces & Teens

Auntie Mame

HUG your auntie! Auntie Mame is back with this 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Sweet Nieces and Teens. This is my fun glitter-heavy gift guide for those kiddos and teens in our lives that love a little bit of glamour…I hear they inherited that love from their auntie πŸ˜‰

teen gift guide

1. Blue Avocado (eco) Hot Iron Cover – This is a storage cover for hot irons and curling irons created by Lauren Conrad. This brand uses fabric created from recycled plastic bottles. This one is a pretty mint and pink birdie print. This cover is great for travel (hey, she’s coming to visit you, right?!) and will even hold hot irons. If she has younger siblings or pets, this is an awesome gift. She can immediately store the iron in the case without having to wait for it to cool on the counter. Retails for $14 at

2. Lime Crime Fantasy Palette in Palette d’Antoinette – This eyeshadow palette contains five perfect pastel shades ranging from matte absinthe to the most perfect matte lavender. Oh, and the metal palette has unicorns on it. Retails for $35 at Lime Crime.Β 

3. Deborah Lippmann Best of Both Worlds Pop Rock Mini Duet – This adorable little set includes a mini of She Bop, a bubblegum pink, and Happy Birthday, a rad glitter. There’s a little coin purse that matches the shade Happy Birthday exactly. Retails for $19 at Sephora.

4. LUSH Sweet Christmas Set – This set contains all of the items that makes me love LUSH around Christmas time. There’s candy-smelling treats for the bath, body and shower. Plus, the soap is called Godmother making it a great gift from godmothers. πŸ˜‰ Retails for about $70 at LUSH.

5. ABL Brands Unicorn’s Mane Smoothing Serum – This hair oil/serum has rich nourishing ingredients like fair-trade argan oil, amla oil and pomegranate seed oil. And it smells like candy. If you have a niece with course or curly hair, she will love this (and if her parents brush her hair in the morning, they’ll love this). It tames fly-aways and makes combing much easier. Retails for $16 at A Beautiful Life.Β 

teen gift guide

6. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers Party Pack – This is what most of used at that age, now let’s pass down the tradition of candy flavored lip balms. This set contains 10 yummy lip balms with SPF 24. Retails for about $10 at

7. One Direction Our Moment EDP – Because I don’t know who this is and because the reviews on Sephora go like this, “this literally smells soooo [sic] good and im [sic] sooo Β [sic] picky about perfumes but this is soooo [sic] amazing!!!!!! i [sic] love it so much and its [sic] perfect for whatever season and occasion” from in the “13-17” age category, I put this on my gift guide. Truth is, it’s not about us. It’s about sweet nieces and some sweet nieces probably love whatever the hell One Direction is (I’m guessing a boy band; saw them on the box, one guy has Agnes Moorehead hair). I’m not going to let my snobbery get in the way of making a kid happy. The end. Retails for about $50 at Sephora.

8. Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Nail Color in Neon Pink – For the holidays, Anna Sui has launched a holiday collection featuring Minnie Mouse. These nail polish containers are adorable. Each shade retails for $16 at

9. Tarte LipSurgence Collector’s Set – This set contains 15 full-size LipSurgence tinted lip balms. I say if you have a niece away at university, get her this and include a note that says, “Enough to get you through college.” The colors are versatile and wearable, the formula is great and the packaging is cool. Retails for $175 at Sephora.

10. Love & Toast Clementine Crush Roll-On Perfume – This is a juicy mango with vanilla with an affordable price. I always see young girls hovering over this line at the drugstore so I assume this is what they want. This roll-on retails for $12 at Beautyhabit.

Need more ideas? Check out my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide for Sweet Nieces & Teens. A few of these items are still available for purchase.

And this is my last gift guide of 2013! More to come in 2014 πŸ™‚

*,, Sephora, LUSH and Beautyhabit contain affiliate links. Thanks!

12 thoughts on “EauMG’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Sweet Nieces & Teens

  1. Though I no longer have nieces in this age range (mine have grown up), I enjoyed your gift guide, Victoria, and especially your line, in regard to the One Direction perfume, “I’m not going to let my snobbery get in the way of making a kid happy.”

    So true! I think back on my teeny-bop crushes, which included Donnie Osmond and The Monkees, and it brings back happy feelings. πŸ™‚ Donnie Osmond was probably considered the most lame crush, but I think he actually worked really hard as a performer. Let kids have their dweeby crushes and enjoy them!

    1. Mine are too young right now, but they’ll grow up soon enough!

      Corny boy bands have been around since the 50’s. It’s a model that works. And it’s completely harmless and I think a normal part of growing up πŸ™‚ Even I fell for the “early” New Kids on the Block. My parents thought they were so lame but my cool aunt bought me a poster and a bracelet and I loved it so much. She knew not to let the snobbery get in the way πŸ™‚ and I’m so happy that she did that for me.

  2. Auntie Mame: Run along to Ito and tell him to bring me a light breakfast – black coffee and a side car. Oh, oh. And a cold towel for your Auntie Vera.
    Patrick Dennis: Is she in the guest room again?
    Auntie Mame: Since Sunday, dear. Now run along to Ito and hurry my tray, darling. Your Auntie needs fuel.

    I love your list for nieces and nephews! I am my niece Victoria’s Uncle Mame… I am educating her in Perfume for birthdays and Christmas.Last year it was Chanel and Dior, This year…Guerlain! “Knowledge is power!”
    LANIER SMITH recently posted..THREE A.M. ~ Dior Homme by Christian Dior

    1. I have 3 nephews and 1 niece. They are very young (all under 5). But, I’m Auntie Mame and that’s what I’m called πŸ˜‰

      Victoria, hey, I like that name! And you’re being a wonderful Uncle Mame. Dior, Guerlain…she has to be one happy niece.

      I can’t wait for my little guys to get a little older so I can send fragrances, grooming stuff and all of that jazz. Hubs went back to visit this summer and the 5 year old (who lives in the middle of Nowhere, USA on a farm) told David that he wants a jar of pomade and that “perfume you’re wearing (which was Von Euserdorff Classic Patchouli)…kid has good tastes!

  3. My 15 year old has classmates who got the One Direction fragrance the day it came out. She says , “It’s not so bad.”
    I actually heard a One Direction song last week and it was “not so bad”. LOL!

    1. Haha, love this. What star review is that? 5? 3? πŸ˜‰

      I actually looked them up and watched a Youtube video so I could be in the loop (still haven’t sniffed the perfume). And you know, for a boy band, not so bad. lol

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