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EauMG’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Natural Beauties

Holiday Gift Guide 2013

It’s that time of year again! It’s EauMG Holiday Gift Guide time! It feels a little earlier than usual but it isn’t. Hanukkah is at the end of this month and Christmas is right around the corner. It’s time to be thinking about what gifts you want to share and most importantly, the gifts that you want for yourself. In EauMG Holiday tradition, I’m kicking off the winter season with my Holiday Gift Guide for Natural Beauties – a guide to products that will nourish the face, body, hair and soul. This guide contains a wide variety of natural beauty and fragrance items in a variety of price points from indie brands that should be stamped with the Victoria seal of approval.

Natural Gift Guide

1. Ayala Moriel Natural Soap in Film Noir – I was browsing the Ayala Moriel website and was so happy when I stumbled across this. I love bar soaps. I’m obsessed with them. And this one is scented with Film Noir, a dark and dangerous blend of chocolate, patchouli and myrrh. It’s a great scent for men and women. This soap is made by Open Source Soap in Oregon and they’re good folks so that makes this bar even better. Retails for $12 at Ayala Moriel. Other scents are available and these make great stocking stuffers or gifts for the host/ess.

2. April Aromatics Perfume Deluxe Sample Set – This is an elegant sample set containing nine 2.5 ml samples of April Aromatics organic natural perfumes. You can find reviews of most of these here on EauMG. It’s a stunning line. Tanja Boching, the perfumer, knows how to let the natural ingredients shine. This set retails for €99 at April Aromatics. 

3. Rebel & Mercury Organic Perfumed Body Oil in Jasmine & Mimosa – Winter skin wants to be slathered in this organic body oil made with a base of 6 nourishing natural oils. All of the fragrances are great but my favorite is Jasmine & Mimosa. It smells ethereal. It’s a good pick for the organic glamour girls on  your list. Retails for $47 at Rebel & Mercury. 

4. Hiram Green Moon Bloom Natural EDP – While we’re on the topic of glamour girls, let me show you this breathtaking white floral. Usually, I wouldn’t put an expensive white floral perfume in a gift guide, but this is a white floral that even white floral haters can love. Moon Bloom is the epitome of natural beauty. The 1.7 oz bottle in a vintage-style atomizer retails for €135 at Hiram Green. Here’s my full review. 

5. Aftelier Organic Matcha Chai Green Tea – This a traditional ceremonial-grade Japanese matcha flavored by perfumer Mandy Aftel using organic essences from around the globe. This is a delicious tea and a must-have gift for those on your list that love fragrances and flavors. Retails for $30 at Aftelier. 

Naturals Gift Guide

6. Providence Perfume Co. Beauty Elixir Oil – I’m so happy that Providence Perfume Co. has expanded the line with this product. I’m a fan of their body oils and perfumes. This Beauty Elixir Oil is an amazing mixture of oils and gorgeous floral essences that will keep you beautiful. I love this oil because it’s multi-purpose – face, hair, hands and feet. Oh, and the fragrance…Retails for $44 at Providence Perfume Co. 

7. Phoenix Botanicals Herbal Lip Balm Set – Phoenix Botanicals is one of my favorite new-to-me brands of the year. With this set you can choose four eco-friendly natural lip balms with flavors/scents like rose, clove, citrus-vanilla and mint.  Put them all in one stocking or break them up and put in multiple stockings…three for you, one for them! Retails for $24 at Phoenix Botanicals. 

8. Badger Yoga & Meditation Organic Balm Kit – Badger Balm always makes it on my natural gift guides because I love this stuff. I think the line offers great products at a great value. This is a grounding duo of Yoga & Meditation Tin and Pulse Point Stick. It’s a meditative scent blend with ancient resins, woods and uplifting citrus. This is an excellent gift for your yoga buddies. Plus the travel friendly packaging easily slips into a gym bag. Retails for about $10 at

9. Clairvoyant Beauty Smells Wonderful Collection – This is a skincare collection for people like us. People that love fragrances and appreciate the little luxuries in life. This luxurious gift set contains Facial Cleansing & Massage Oil, Hydrating Rosewater Toner, Hydrating Roses Cream, Gentle Rosewater Eye Cream and a Clairvoyant EDP. Retails for $216 at Clairvoyant Beauty. 

10. Pirouette Essentials Perfume Gold Sampler Set – Seattle-based brand Pirouette has just launched a line of luxe natural perfumes, Gold. With this set you can introduce the perfume lover in your life to this new luxury collection. This set contains 4 samples of the Gold perfumes. There’s a rose in this collection that makes me swoon. Retails for $32 at Pirouette Essentials.

So which one/s of these do you want for yourself? Any of these stand out to you?

On a side note, have you started your holiday shopping? I know it’s only mid-November but these next few weeks are going to fly by.

Need more ideas? Here’s my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide for Natural Beauties. Many of these products are still available.

* contains an affiliate link. Thanks! The other links go direct to the indies. Support artisans this season.

23 thoughts on “EauMG’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Natural Beauties

  1. As a rule I do not care for “natural”/”all organic”/etc. perfumes, cosmetics and such so most things on this list (I love your lists!) don’t excite me much. But I wholeheartedly agree with April Aromatics recommendation (though I wouldn’t want this set since I’ve tried already half of it soI’d rather put those money towards a FB from the brand). And I’m curious about the tea (#5).
    Undina recently posted..In the Search for the Perfect Carnation

    1. I’m not one to think natural/organic means “better” but I do want everything on this list 😉 I do these because I find that many of us have friends and family that do want this sort of thing (or maybe I hear that a lot because of being on the West Coast?)

      I have a bottle of Bohemian Spice but would love to add one of the florals to my collection. I also saw on Instagram that the line is adding candles as well. I don’t know if you tried the Hiram Green one, but I would compare it to the April Aromatics line. Really high-quality.

      The tea is delicious, highly recommend.

    1. I could see you liking quite a few of the items featured in this guide 🙂 Hope you have a great holiday season!

  2. Awesome Victoria! Thanks for including my new Perfume Gold Sampler Set in your gift guide. Everything on the list sounds intriguing! I am a connoisseur of matcha tea, so I am especially excited to hear about Mandy Aftel’s tea – sounds delish!

    1. You’re welcome!

      I’ve only had a few matchas, brands that I’ve picked up at Uwajimaya. I love this one because it’s like matcha-perfume in a sense, very flavorful.

  3. I always look forward to your gift guides; you find the best stuff! Looking forward to any others you come up with this season. 🙂

  4. Thank you Victoria for including our new Beauty Elixir Oil as part of your gift guide for natural beauties! Love to be included in such a carefully curated selection of gifts-everything looks fabulous.

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