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EauMG’s 2013 Gift Guide for the Chic Hipster

hipster pug

It’s that time of the year when I make a holiday gift guide for people cooler than me. This one is for the hipster on your list. What are my qualifications for creating such a gift guide? None. But, I did go to the cool pour-over coffee shops and “whiskey and bitter emporiums” (yeah, hipster bars) to people watch, you know, for gift guide research. I was not enjoying a variety of delicious beverages…

chic hipster holiday gift guide

1. The Familiars by Sweet Anthem & La Rue Perfume Set in Owl – This is a nifty collab between two Seattle-based brands/artists. This set contains a portable solid perfume twist and a long-wearing perfume oil. Owl has notes of yummy chai spices, florals and cashmere-like ambers. And don’t you just love the graphic? Retails for $34 at Sweet Anthem.

2. Tattly Photography Set of Temporary Tattoos – Yeah, temporary tats are back. I find this amusing. Being from the 90’s, a decade when everyone got tattoos, it’s fun to see something temporary en vogue again. Tattly is a brand of temp tats designed by hip designers with hipster-y themes. This set contains 8 hand-drawn photography themed tattoos. It’s a cool gift for the photographer and Instagram oversharer in your life. Retails for $15 at Tattly. 

3. Floss Gloss Nail Polish in Glowstar and Blood, Suede & Tears – Floss Gloss is a nifty California-based indie nail polish brand. I’ve put together these two colors because I think they need each other. Glowstar is a pale neon-ed green – the color of those stars you stuck on the ceiling in your bedroom at your parent’s house. Blood, Suede & Tears is a warm trendy satin chocolate brown. These retail for $8 each at Floss Gloss. 

4. Too Cool For School Lost Identity Lip Pencil in #03 – You’ve got to love the name and concept of this Korean lip gloss pencil. Shade #03 is a shimmery mint that turns to a natural dewy pink once on the lips. Yeah, like a mood lipstick. Retails for about $20 at iMoMoKo.

5. Paul & Joe Eye & Cheek Color Set in Sugar & Spice – Cats. Kittens. Lots of cats. This adorable limited edition set contains a shimmery duo eyeshadow, cat-carved blusher stick and a glistening eye gloss. Oh, and a kitty printed bag. This is adorable. Get this for the makeup loving cat-lady-in-training. Retails for $65 at Beautyhabit.

chic hipster gift guide

6. Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Castile Soap in Peppermint – Everyone, even hipsters, love this stuff. It’s a versatile high-quality product. It’s unisex and the tingling peppermint is festive for the holidays. A huge bottle retails for $15 at And it will last for a very long time.

7. Portland General Store Beard Oil in Tobacco – Hey, we’re just out of Movember. Get the bearded guy on your list this limited edition beard oil in an apothecary style glass dropper. Retails for $65 at Portland General Store. 

8. Bath & Body Works Mason Jar Candle in Marshmallow Fireside – Hipsters love mason jars. It’s a fact. If you aren’t crafty or don’t have the time to make your own mason jar candle, get them this limited edition holiday one from B&BW. Marshmallow Fireside is a sweet vanilla with a woods base. Retails for $12.50 at Bath and Body Works. 

9. Stila Masterpiece Series – This is a really cute art-themed makeup library featuring three faux wood print makeup books with everything you need for multiple makeup looks. Retails for $39 at

10. INeKe Floral Curiosities Scent Library – Expanding on the library theme…This is the cutest discovery set ever. This “book” contains 5 samples of the delightful fragrances in the Floral Curiosities. If you need more info, I go on and on in this video. This is a great gift for any book lover on your  list, hip or not. Retails for $22 at Beautyhabit.

Do any of these items stand out to you or someone on your list? I’m telling you, those INeKe Floral Curiosities sets are a really cute and affordable gift. I may have to pick up a few for the people on my list.

Need more ideas? Check out my Chic Hipster Gift Guide from 2012. Many of these items are still available for purchase.

*iMoMoKo, Beautyhabit, and contain affiliate links. Thanks! Sometimes I google “pugs in glasses” or “pugs wearing glasses” and this pug came up and made my life. From Bah Humpug! When life gives you a sad, look up pugs in glasses.

17 thoughts on “EauMG’s 2013 Gift Guide for the Chic Hipster

    1. I’m so obsessed with this pug. Hipster pug or just a pug in glasses? We’ll never know.

      That polish line is lots of fun. They have quite a few colors that are worth owning.

  1. I have the Ineke set and these are good sized samples and the $22 charge can be used toward a full sized bottle from the whole line. It’s a great deal!

    1. It sure is! And the full-size perfumes are not crazy expensive. They are actually cheaper in cost than many designer mainstream scents!

    1. Would a hipster know they were a hipster? 😉

      It’s the cutest. I keep wanting to buy one, they’ve had kitty lipsticks in the past BUT I don’t want to smoosh the kitty’s face.

  2. That pug is the cutest hipster I have ever seen. The smuggest, too 🙂 I love giving Tattly tattoos as fun gifts!

    1. It sure is one smug pug! Totally judging us 😉

      My nephews are going to get Tattly’d up this season. They have some super cute designs.

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