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EauMG’s 2013 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day gift guide

I love making gift guides. If there was a master’s program in it, I’d go into student debt for it. Here’s my suggestions for Father’s Day gifts. Or as my husband says, “Victoria Jent’s Guide to Sh*t Your Dad Doesn’t Want”. He’s wrong. He’s always wrong. Lots of dads read my blog. Lots of dads want to smell good.

1. Madame Scodioli Whisker Wax in Laudanum – Dad still rocks an unbelievable 70’s mustache? Dad have crazy scary eye brows? Side burns? This Whisker Wax is scented with a smoky tobacco and black tea. And it controls all facial hair. Other scents are available. The 1 oz tin retails for $21 at Madame Scodioli.

2. Patch NYC Ship Candle – The Patch NYC line has great packaging. Ship has a pirate’s ship on it. It smells like a woodsy masculine. Guys love this sort of thing. The candle retails for $37 at Beautyhabit.

3. Ayala Moriel Orcas Natural Perfume – I reviewed this perfume this week. It’s a natural herbal aquatic. It’s refreshing and an excellent choice for hot summer days. It’s a must have for any dad that loves or longs for the cool Northern sea. Full review. The 1/2 oz bottle retails for $120 at Ayala Moriel.

4. ABL Brands Tonic For Men – This is an old-school cologne splash for modern men. It’s a spicy citrus with leath-uh. Don’t you love the vintage inspired packaging? The 4 oz bottle retails for $24 at A Beautiful Life.

5. RazoRock Shave Gel – This made the list because Ron of Notable Scents won’t shut up about awesome this stuff is. He’s always like “You have to buy this for your husband. It’s amazing”. Well, my husband is lazy and doesn’t wet shave so I trust Ron’s word. It’s handmade in Canada and retails for $12 at West Coast Shaving.

6. Phoenix Botanicals Manly Solid Perfume in Pine Forest – This nourishing beeswax based balm is fragranced with white pine harvest from near the Appalachian trail. Can be used as a fragrance or dare I say, a salve. Retails for $16 at Phoenix Botanicals.

7. Juniper Ridge Trail Crew Soap in Big Sur Trail – It took a lot of willpower to not make this gift guide 100% Juniper Ridge products. Trust me, your dad will love any of the products in this line. You’ll probably love any of the products in this line. All of the fragrances are 100% natural and wild-crafted in the West. They’re like the anti-fragrances of fragrance. I think I may need to be admitted into rehab because of my Trail Crew Soap addiction. You will find these in my shower at any given time.  Big Sur is a musky sage. It’s liquid is dark like tobacco. All of the scents are excellent. Retails for $35 at Beautyhabit.

8. House of Matriarch Blackbird Perfume – This stuff is dark and mysterious with black leather, sandalwood, cannabis and real animal musks. It’s a really special fragrance and the men are going nuts for it. The roll-on retails for $120 at House of Matriarch. 

9. Skin & Bones Luxurious Salve – This organic salve is good for everything. Use it as a lip balm, hand cream or even as a salve to heal shaving rash. Plus, the packaging is sleek and gorgeous. Retails for $36 at Beautyhabit.

10. M. Micallef Royal Vintage EDP – This is for stylish, sophisticated dapper dads. It screams success. Full review. Retails for $185 at Parfumerie Nasreen. 

11. American Greaser Supply Co. Flat Top Wax – Your dad has hair. Congrats. Now let’s grease it up. The sad thing is that everyone I knew that wore this sort of stuff in 1999 are now fathers. I’m old. Retails for $10 at American Greaser Supply Co.

12.Scrappy’s Bitters Gift Pack – Bitters are perfume for your cocktails. It’s like perfume you can drink. Scrappy’s is a line of artisanal bitters made in Seattle. A few weeks ago, I think I got sassy with the owner of the brand at a bar. Or at least I got sassy with someone pretending to be him. I can’t really remember. It could have been someone holding a bottle of Scrappy’s. Anyway, the guy was really nice and this interaction reminded me that I love this brand. This Gift Pack contains Grapefruit, Chocolate, Lime and Cardamom. All of these are good in your whiskeys. All of them. Retails for $17 at Cocktail Kingdom. 

Father's Day Gift Guide

I’m not a dad but I have to admit that there are more than a few things on this list that I want for myself…

If you need more ideas, here’s my guide from 2012. 

*Cary Grant pic from Beautyhabit contains affiliate links.

4 thoughts on “EauMG’s 2013 Father’s Day Gift Guide

  1. I love your husband’s suggested title, lol!! But I agree with you! You’re awesome at making these gift guides, and I have faith that there are tons of smart sexy dads out there reading your blog. How could they not?

    I want to try more House of Matriarch perfumes, and the Blackbird fragrance sounds crazy good.

    1. He read over my shoulder while doing this one. And said the same thing again followed by “don’t publish this”. Guys are a diverse group, they like lots of stuff.

      AND the hub’s signature scent is Blackbird! He actually talked about buying another bottle today…so, who has a bad gift guide? Not me.

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