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EauMG’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide for Natural Beauties

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There are so many awesome natural lines out there that I admit that it is difficult to narrow this gift guide down to only 10 products. I feel that all of the brands mentioned here have products that make special gifts. They really do carry something for everyone; I’ve just chosen my favorites of the year. I’ve tried my very best to not make this list 100% perfumes since well, this isn’t my “Natural Perfume Holiday Gift Guide 2012”. Here’s my 2012  gift guide containing 100% natural, 100% luxurious, and 100%  wholesome gifts for the holidays in a variety of price points for a variety of people on your list.

2012 natural gift guide

1. Aftelier Ancient Resins Body Oil & Hair Elixir – I’m a huge fan of Aftelier’s oils for the body and hair. This new blend, initially created for Leonard Cohen, is perfect for the holidays with its resinous scent of benzoin, elemi and frankincense. Frankincense in some ancient cultures was believed to cleanse the home from evil spirits and attract angels. Let’s start 2013 off right. Let go of all of that 2012 baggage. This 1.7 oz bottle retails for $40 at Aftelier. If you want to check out an amazing perfume, check out the new Wild Roses – mouth-watering apricot roses.

2. Juniper Ridge Trail Soap in Siskiyou Trail – My husband loves this stuff and before this product I assumed he had no opinion when it came to body washes. This is a highly fragrant shower gel made from wild-crafted plants found in the Pacific Northwest. This one really does smell like the trail it is named after. This is the perfect gift for outdoorsy types. Retails for $35 at Beautyhabit.

3. Primordial Scents 2012 Water Set presented by Perfume Pharmer – You can read all about my experience with this sample set here. This set contains 5 indie, artisanal perfumes inspired by water. Four are all-natural and 1 is mixed media; it’s an awesome way to introduce people to new-to-them small brands. And comes in a cute little tin, perfect for gift giving. Retails for $20 at Skye Botanicals.

4. Anu Essentials Natural Body Butter in Sultry – This is hands down the best body butter that has ever touched my skin. It’s a shea base moisturizer, so rich but not greasy. The fragrance is luxurious rose. A 4 oz jar retails for $14 at Anu Essentials. And if you want a really luxurious perfume, try Sea Scape. It’s in the sample set I talk about above. But, like I said, I’m trying to make this a 100% natural gift guide, not a 100% perfume gift guide 😉

5. aroma M Camellia Face Oil – This year this indie perfume house launched beauty products inspired by the beauty rituals of the geisha. This nourishing face oil contains all the superstar oils – camellia, carrot seed, jojoba, argan + more. It has an uplifting fragrance with jasmine, geranium, neroli and frankincense. Winter skin wants this. This oil retails for $95 at aroma M.

6. MOX Botanicals Black Plum & Fig Lip Butter– This Portland, OR based company is supplying us with awesome avocado oil based lip butters with delicious fruity flavors. Yes, fig! These retail for $16 at Beautyhabit.

7. Badger Seabuckthorn Hair Oil – This all-natural oil treatment for all hair types contains nourishing seabuckthorn and apricot oils. The scent of the oil is aromatic with lavender making this product great as a relaxing night-time treatment. This is a perfect gift for those that love to spa. The 2 oz. bottle retails for about $19 at Badger.

8. House of Matriarch Destiny Perfume – If you have a glamour girl on your list that loves natural luxuries, you have the perfect gift right here. This perfume is a va-va-voom blend of white florals, “green” citrus and sultry base notes. Plus, it was designed to combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) making it a perfect gift this winter. And the bottle is Tiffany blue, glamour girls will pick up on that immediately. The 2 oz bottle retails for $250 at House of Matriarch.

9. Rebel + Mercury Distinguished Pure Candle No. 3 – This Seattle based natural perfume line has just launched these all-natural luxurious candles. Distinguished Series. No. 3 is a perfect blend of amber and spice for cold nights. This candle retails for $50 at Rebel + Mercury. There’s also a tuberose incense one. I’m pretty sure I need it but I’m on a candle no-buy until 2013…

10. Providence Perfume Co. The Luxe Gift – You read the name, this is one hell of a luxe gift. I could not create a better gift set for this line. It contains all of my favorites and all of the ones that I recommend to “beginner’s” of the line: a full-size Amber Cream Body Oil, full-size Jazmina Solid Perfume, 15 ml spray of Cocoa Tuberose and a 6 ml spray of Hindu Honeysuckle. And wait, that’s not all! You also get a metallic silver tray to display all of these goodies on. If you call now, you’ll get it all for the price of $130 at Providence Perfume Co. Call within the next 15 minutes and I’ll throw in a big RSS feed of EauMG right into your inbox 😉

Like I said, this wasn’t an easy to create gift guide because I wanted to include everything. If you need more ideas, check out my 2011 Gift Guide for Natural Beauties. Support indie businesses this holiday season. There are some great ones out there owned by truly passionate people.

*Disclaimer – Beautyhabit contains an affiliate link. Thanks! I’ve had samples provided by many of the brands mentioned here. I hope to review a few of these products soon. Anu Essentials is a client and my opinion of the brand on EauMG is completely honest. I try not to talk about brands that I’m under contract with (try to separate work and hobbies), but this one that I genuinely adore.


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