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EauMG’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite Goth

Jane Winton

I’ve always been attracted to a bit of vampy drama. Keeping up with EauMG holiday gift guide tradition, I put together this holiday guide for all of the goths, alt-chic, vintage vamps and post-punk dames on your list. This year I went a little more high-end luxury with this gift guide, indulging my inner silent film star. And obviously indulging my 2011 obsession with nail polish. I apologize for all of the nail polish. All of the wonderful nail polish.

2011 Holiday Gift Guide for goths

1. Butter London Nail Skins in Give/Take – These are those easy to use decals that many brands produce but the Butter one is a cool design. Antiquarian black font over a paperbag brown that says “Give” on one hand and “Take” on the other. And there are crows. Crows. Retails for $10 and is available at B-Glowing.

2. NARS Kudoki Kabuki Lip Set – I like to imagine that Siouxsie Sioux owns this set. This kabuki inspired lip set contains 3 lipstick shades: Takebue, Ougi, and Butan, all in a wooden bento box. The shades range from cherry red to nude. The set includes a wisteria wrapped lip brush. The limited edition set retails for $125 and is available at Nordstrom. It’s expensive but it is so beautiful.

3. Sara Happ The Gift Set – If you are going to wear vampy dark lipstick, you need smooth and flawless lips. This gift set contains an awesome Sara Happ Lip Scrub in Black Velvet Cherry (how goth!) and the best selling, Lip Slip, a lip balm. The set retails for $40 and is available at B-Glowing.

4. YSL No. 6 Terriblement Noir Nail Polish Duo – This nail polish duo comes in amazing luxe packaging and there’s 2 shades of black. One is satin and one is velvety matte. It’s a great duo for doing that neat-o black half moon manicure…goth style. This duo retails for $30 and is available at Nordstrom.

5. D.L. & Co. Diffuser in Hemlock – Somehow this product is a merger of gothness and Christmas. Hemlock is an intoxicating blend of evergreens and oak moss. The diffuser is lovely emerald green with a black tassel housed in a black hat box. Isn’t it beautiful? The diffuser retails for $110 and is available at D.L. & Co.

6. Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick in 170 Nuit d’Amour – This is a limited edition lipstick that is a darkened black cherry. This is a perfect gift for the “closet goth” like myself. It’s a dark but wearable, still dramatic shade. The packaging is luxurious. And trust me on this, the formula is awesome. It retails for $35 and is available at Nordstrom.

7. Natori EDP Coffret Gift Set- I can’t explain it. When I wear this floral, I feel vampy and beautiful. This perfume smells like something that a silent film actress would wear. It’s a dark blend of rich florals over black patchouli and exotic amber. The gift set contains a large bottle of the EDP, the body crème and a scented sachet that will scent all of your black lacy things. It retails for $125 and is available at Natori.

8. Le Métier de Beauté Vintage Ken Lip & Nail Duo by Ken Downing – This awesome duo contains a lipstick in Worn This Way, a satin and vampy black cherry. The nail color is Vintage Ken, a deep royal purple. Both colors are beautiful. And these colors look so good on pale and deep complexions. The limited edition set retails for $49 and is available at Neiman Marcus.

9. Strangebeautiful Dickensian Volume Nail Polish – This volume contains 10 metallic nail polishes created by Jane Schub that were inspired by all the gothy things that I love like Edward Gorey, The Brother’s Grimm, Dickens and lumps of coal. This set retails for $85 and is available at LuckyScent. I want this set so badly.

10. Opus Oils Roller Girl Tea – Did you know that Opus Oils does more than produce totally awesome indie perfumes? They also make perfumed tea. Roller Girl Tea is a full-bodied black tea with cherry, plum and grenadine. A 3 oz tin of this tea retails for $20 and is available at Opus Oils. Actually, anything from Opus Oils should be included in this gift guide. And this tea is a must have gift for all the rollergirls on your list. I know you must have one 🙂

11. Wiggle Black #1 Perfume – For those that like oil perfumes that smell like little gypsy-boho shops…This indie perfume oil produced here in Washington is a sultry blend of blackberry and violets with a dark, moody base of patchouli. A 15 ml bottle of this perfume oil retails for $39 and is available at Wiggle Perfumes’ etsy shop. Smaller sizes are also available.

12. Make Up For Ever Fashionista Lashes – If you know a club goth, here’s a great set of luxury eyelashes adorned with black lace and pearls. They are so beautiful and dramatic. And I’m sure they’ll get you a free drink at some gothy New Wave club. And they should at their price point. These retail for $50 and are available at Sephora. These are too flashy for me but they are so interesting that I coudn’t leave them off the list! Oh, this guide isn’t about me…

13. Cire Trudon Spiritus Sancti Room Spray – This is amazing for the packaging alone which is shaped by Italian artisans. And the gothy fragrance smells like a sacred alter. It smells sooo good. I need to go to Cire Trudon rehab. The room spray retails for $145 and there is a candle too which retails for $80. Both are available at Barney’s.

As you can see, I have nail polish on the mind. And blackberry lipsticks. Do you fancy anything in this guide?

Here’s my goth gift guide from 2010. I still recommend all of these items except for #3. Hey, that was pre-his-anti-Semantic rant. Go for the Cire Trudon instead.

*Post contains affiliate links (B-Glowing, Sephora, Nordstrom, and Natori). Photo is of Jane Winton.

6 thoughts on “EauMG’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite Goth

    1. But doesn’t it look like something she’d use? That wisteria brush…geez, I know it’s expensive but it’s so neat. I love NARS blush and lip colors. I can see why the brand dominates your stash!

  1. I have a pale, nordic, almost invisible blonde eyebrows complexion, so blackberry lipsticks look weird on me. But that vampy manicure sounds cool, and I would looove that Cire Trudon room spray.

    1. Dark lipsticks don’t look great on me. I still do it, not that that is good advice.
      But, I love dark nails against pale complexions. I think the Strangebeautiful set looks nifty. And that Cire Trudon room spray, how decadent!

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