EauMG in October 2011 Allure Magazine

2011 October Allure

If you haven’t already heard from my Twitter conversations, I give some “smelling advice” in the 2011 October Allure magazine, The Best of Beauty edition. The article is “Bottled Seduction” by Alyssa Kolsky Hertzig. It’s a great article featuring tips from industry favorites Kilian Hennessey, Frédéric Malle, Rodrigo Flores-Roux and wonderful bloggers like Carrie from Eyeliner on a Cat and Ann from Blogdorf Goodman. It’s an awesome article, but I may be biased…

It’s a wonderful article for perfume beginners and hardcore fragronerds. I’m very happy to see perfume getting more mainstream love and attention, especially, the sense of smell. This October issue has many fragrance articles that are worth checking out. And it’s the Best of Beauty issue, my favorite beauty magazine since I was 13.

So, yeah, that’s my shameless self promotion. I think you should all buy a copy and write a letter to the editor about how awesome I am 🙂

16 thoughts on “EauMG in October 2011 Allure Magazine

  1. I actually haven’t even read the rest of the October issue yet – just this article, over and over again! =)

  2. Next time this sort of thing happens, V, we should inject some sort of code into our interview answers that has to do with Prince songs or something. So we can talk to each other through published print media. 🙂 Ok, maybe it’s not the best idea, give me time. I’ll come up with more.

    p.s. There’s no one in the world I’d rather be next to in this article, I’m proud of US!
    Carrie Meredith recently posted..Aftelier Parfum Prive: a siren song

    1. Typically when I start any interview with “I’m not your lover. I’m not your friend.” – I have the interviewer’s attention.

      I’m proud of us too. Homies 4 life.

  3. I just read this on a plane. Love to see better perfume coverage in a mainstream magazine! And it’s nice to get recs on the newest stuff from Malle instead of a clueless beauty editor (er, no offense to beauty editors). Nice work. (Also I love the minimal-makeup cover shot.)
    Elisa recently posted..Smells like last century

    1. I know. I am delighted to see perfume coverage in magazines that isn’t clumping fragrances into age ranges or just judging it on the press release in their inbox.

      There are some wonderful beauty editors out there and some not so wonderful ones. Regardless, I love that a perfume pro is making perfume recommendations.

        1. No, I know what you mean. It seems that most beauty editors are all about hair and makeup. They *may* be knowledgeable about fragrance but they may not talk about it because they think their audience doesn’t know much about fragrance. SO – I think it’s good to see this in mainstream mags. It shows that they know that readers are interested in perfume, and not some “flankers of the month” article.

    1. Thank you! It was a short little thing, but it was cool to see Malle’s article. I thought it was a good piece.

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