EauMG at Taste TV Artisan Fragrance Salon – Seattle 2013 – A Re-Cap

Seattle May 2013

Here’s my overview of the Seattle Artisan Fragrance Salon. It was an 80º day with full-sun, absolutely gorgeous, and an anomaly for this time of year. I admit that I went into this very distracted (also, my birthday was the day before and I was out late and a friend was visiting from out of town too). So, what I’m saying is that I did a horrible job with pictures. I was lazy. Plus, it was gorgeous. See above.

I’m fortuante enough to live in a creative, artisanal region. Many of the perfumes I am familiar with. But, I’m going to pretend that I’m not for this re-cap so that you can gain exposure to these brands. I’m also going to mention the one or two in each brand that stood out to me the most during the show (of course, favorites can always change once you have more time with them).

Artemisia Natural Perfume – This Oakland-based line creates all natural perfumes. Perfumer Lisa Fong got her start in perfumery by attending one of Mandy Aftel’s classes. I feel a little bad as this was the 2nd to last booth that I visited, my nose was fatigued. I remember liking Saveur de L’Abricot, a juicy osmanthus apricot perfume. Perfumes come in solids or EDPs. You can explore the entire line at Artemisia. 

Blooming Dream Natural Perfumes

Blooming Dream Natural Perfume – This all-natural line is new and based in Portland, OR. Perfumer Suzinn Weis has years of experience as a professional gardener. The line is inspired by nature and many of the plants that Suzinn is familiar with growing and taking care of. I will be posting reviews of these sometime in the future. The one that stood out to me initially is Ottoo, a chocolate basil fragrance (which is as interesting as it sounds). Find out more about the line at Blooming Dream.

Coeur d’Esprit Natural Perfumes – I thought that this was a new-to-me brand, but then I remembered that I was familiar with the brand through the Primordial Scents Project. Lyn Ayre is based in British Colombia and has been teaching natural perfume classes for years. The perfumes she debuted at the Fragrance Salon are not on sale yet but will be. There’s a juicy black licorice one. Being the great reporter that I am, I forgot the name. Visit Coeur d’Esprit for more info.

House of Matriarch – This line is based in the Seattle area. If you read EauMG, I have covered a few of the fragrances (Destiny and Carmine). My personal favorite is Blackbird, it smells amazing on my husband. More info at House of Matriarch.

Imaginary Authors – If you keep up with niche, you probably know this Portland based line as it was in the intro Olfactif box, a niche perfume subscription program. My favorite of the line is Memoirs of a Trespasser. It’s a smoky, woodsy vanilla. It’s like the anti-vanilla-vanilla. If you like aldehydes, I recommend this line. More info at Imaginary Authors. And “Google” the brand, you’ll find more reviews.

Jolie Laide Perfume – This is an all-natural (and new-to-me) perfume line located in San Francisco. The perfumer got her start studying with Mandy Aftel. The line has three perfumes. The licorice-lavender, À Bout de Souffle stood out to me. Jolie Laide has a website in the works, in the meantime, visit the Etsy store.

La Comedie de Parfums

La Comédie de Parfums – This is a new-ish to me line with a store in Westlake Center in Seattle. About a year ago, a friend gave me samples like a year ago (during the Lady Gaga Fame launch week). I have had samples and haven’t sniffed yet :S The line is inspired by theater. You can find more info at La Comédie de Parfums and expect reviews from me one of these days!

Meshaz Natural Perfume – This all-natural line is based in the rugged Olympic Peninsula  I’m naturally drawn to the line as Mesha has been operating a lavender farm for over 30 years. She is a lavender guru that is now making perfume. And the world will be happy that she is. First things first, the lavender that she grows and distills is probably the finest on the planet. No exaggeration  she has the awards to prove it. And secondly, her non-lavender perfumes are just as wonderful. I’m a fan of Osmanthuz, a juicy osmanthus. Find more info at Meshaz.

MikMoi Perfumes

MIKMOI – This San Francisco based line is new-to-me. And it really impressed me. Perhaps it was the novelty of “Hey, I don’t know this line” but I honestly feel it was because these are really, really good. This sounds wild but I could totally see this line being bought out by Estee Lauder in like 7 years. Seriously. I have samples and I hope to have a review up soon. During the show, I was smitten by Aldwych, an absinthe carnation. I later found out was inspired by Oscar Wilde, that’s why I was attracted to it! 😉 You can find more info at MIKMOI.

Olympic Orchids – If you read perfume blogs, you’ve probably heard of this Seattle-based brand. Olympic Orchids truly offers something for everyone and in my case, I seem to like them all. I find the combos and the inspirations in the line to be unusual; however, they are all completely wearable. I finally go to sniff some that I have been wanting to try. I think I may be obsessed with Café V, the world’s best coffee fragrance. More info at Olympic Orchids.I don’t have any Olympic Orchid reviews yet, but “Google” the brand, other blogs have covered the line.

Pirouette – Reading my blog, you’ve probably noticed me mentioning this Seattle-based brand. I really like Jasmine Musk and Rose Musk. I think these all-natural perfumes are a great value. I’m a huge fan of the soaps and you’re most likely to find these in my shower at any given time. I’ve been buying these soaps since I moved to the area 5 years ago. More info at Pirouette. 

Rebel + Mercury – I’ve mentioned this line on my blog too (Cerise en Cocoa). This Seattle-based brand is all-natural. During the show, Nikki launched new Body Oils. And I got distracted, meant to go back and buy the Jasmine Mimosa one but got side-tracked. Regrets, regrets. These body oils smell amazing. If you like naturals, check this line out. I’m telling you, they may not reel you in at first but once on the skin, they will. And I’m loving the Distinguished candles. Nikki is like the all-natural candle expert (she has consulted with many brands that I’m sure you’re familiar with). You can buy Rebel + Mercury here.

Roxana Illuminated Perfumes

Roxana Illuminated Perfume – It was awesome to finally meet Roxana! I’ve sampled a few of these perfumes too (Hedera Helix and Green Witch) and have read about them on one of my favorite blogs, Scent Hive, for years. I admit that I was fatigued at this point (last booth that I visited AND a cab to catch in 15 minutes). Anyway, the line has launched these stunning perfume solid necklace lockets. I want one. In fact, it was the day after my birthday, I should have bought one. See, regrets, regrets. You can buy it here.

Sweet Anthem Handmade Perfume – Expect reviews of these soon. This Seattle-based brand has been around for awhile. And I have a few favorites that I have talked about yet :S (yeah, I’m a bum). I love the effervescent Caroline and Joan, smells like madrone trees in bloom. These are available in solids, oil-based and EDPs at Sweet Anthem. 

Have you tried any of these brands? Want to try any of these brands? If so, which ones stand out to you?

The show was also shared with a Chocolate Salon in a separate room. I could tell that the Salon was about chocolate and fragrance was a bit of an afterthought. They had music playing in the Chocolate room with big speakers 😉 Out of a partial dare, I tried that chocolate red wine and it was super shitty as expected. It was like 2 Buck Chuck in my Yoo-hoo. Never again. All the other chocolates were good. There was a jasmine one and being the reporter with ADD, I forgot who made it.

*Pictures are © EauMG.

12 thoughts on “EauMG at Taste TV Artisan Fragrance Salon – Seattle 2013 – A Re-Cap

  1. How fun. Great review. I was in LA on Saturday and should have planned my month of May to include a visit to this event to start the week. Next time.

    1. It was the first time they’ve had it in Seattle. It felt a bit last minute to some extent. I’m pretty certain they’ll host again.

      1. Let’s think of it as “of the moment” rather than last minute. I am remiss in not spending at least a small portion of my time on natural perfumes – which seemed to be the theme here. I’ve always found the naturals by default to be less complex with less movement from top to bottom, they tend to just kind of lay there for me. Did anything smell creative rather than just nice?

        1. I prefer mix-media perfumes for a few reasons so I highly recommend sniffing Mikmoi, Sweet Anthem and Olympic Orchids. I really think that Olympic Orchids is one of the most creative indie American lines – many unusual combos that work.

          Naturals do have a “style” that one likes or doesn’t. I agree that they “puddle” on the skin. However, I’ve said that if you aren’t a fan of naturals try House of Matriarch and Meshaz- both of these brands easily compete with more mainstream mixed-media perfumes.

    1. 🙂 Oh, please tell me you’re going. And let me know if you see anything else cool (it doesn’t have to be fragrance). Renegade is awesome. I could spend a fortune at those things.

      I haven’t tried all of my Mikmoi samples yet but I really like the 2 that I tried, and yes, one of them may cause me to break my “no blue juice” rule!

  2. Victoria,
    Thanks for this. I would so love to have attended – someday (I live in Colorado).

    I’ve been reading and not commenting so I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I appreciate your freshness and honesty! We’re quite different – I’m much older and a minimalist when it comes to make-up, yet I feel we’re connected in our love for licorice scents, artisan-created items, the northwest (where I grew up), and that streak of humor I find running through your blog (“because it only takes two weeks to get skinny” :)) and “in other news, I hate all my clothes” – me, too!!). Keep up the great work!

    1. Hey, Colorado is an artisanal place, I bet they’ll make they’re way out there soon!

      Thank you so much for commenting and for reading EauMG. (really needed it after this crazy busy week when I wonder why I even use the Internet). Thanks again, I really appreciate it 🙂

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