Eating Crow – October 2014

Kawanabe crow

I had said in my 6th Blogiversary post that I’d like to start doing a feature where I revisit perfumes to see if my “eaupinions” have changed. I said I wasn’t afraid to eat crow…and I’m not.

This month I revisited some vanilla scents that I’ve reviewed in the past. The weather has cooled down and I’m craving a few sweeter, more gourmand scents.

LUSH Vanillary Perfume Review

LUSH Vanillary EDP review published December 27th, 2010

Initial Thoughts – I said this is a really strong skanky jasmine with a really sweet vanilla. I compared it to tacky red and black lingerie. Oddly enough it gained me a few compliments.

Now Thoughts – I think with time my tolerance for loud LUSH scents has really waned over time. But, I still like Vanillary. It’s a brash indolic jasmine with toasted sugar. I would still compare it to the olfactory version of tacky red and black lingerie…and that isn’t a cut down. I may not wear Vanillary that frequently (even though it gets me compliments) but I do like it. I think that jasmine and vanilla benefit from LUSH’s “raw” style.

Conclusion: Same. Also, I bought a bottle after reviewing it. And I rarely wear it but whatever.

TokyoMilk Dead Sexy

Tokyomilk Dead Sexy EDP review published July 7th, 2009

Initial Thoughts – I seriously hate looking back at my posts from this era. I called it a vampy smoky vanilla. And I really liked it.

Now Thoughts – Over the years I’ve tried a lot of Tokyomilk perfumes and I think Dead Sexy is still my favorite. It opens with this “pink rubber eraser” accord-thing. And this is just so wonderful, weird and nostalgic. And then it turns into this smoky Bvlgari Black-ish thing that meets “polished” woods. I don’t know if it is supposed to be as weird as it is, but it is weird. And I really like it.

Conclusion: Like it better now. I have a bottle of this and I wear it more now than I did back then. It’s like pink erasers and Bvlgari Black. Would I call it vampy? Not really. But, I would call it gothy art student.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot EDT review published October 27th, 2011

Initial Thoughts – I said that it was an almost sickening blend of cotton candy and vanilla pudding cups. I didn’t hate it but I said I wanted for my gourmands to be more complex.

Now Thoughts – Let me just say this = I’m not a gourmand hater. I’ve said some good things about perfumes that smell like cotton candy. I’m not a snob. Now that we got that out of the way, I actually think I may hate Vanille Abricot. It’s all cotton candy, cupcakes and vanilla pudding cups on me but this go around on my skin, the fruits in it read as waxy and like a cheap candle. I would describe the scent profile of Vanille Abricot exactly the same today as I did in 2011; however, my opinions toward it have changed… or grown stronger. My initial thoughts were really me just saying I wanted something more complex to wear, but I didn’t say I hated it. I think today I’m going to say that I hate wearing this and I never want to wear it again. If you like it, that’s great. I’m just saying that Vanille Abricot and I just do not play nicely together.

Conclusion: I like it much less now. I can barely stand wearing it.

Lancome Hypnose

Lancôme Hypnôse EDP review published August 17th, 2009

Initial Thoughts – I said that it was a long-wearing vanilla vetiver. I had neutral feelings about it.

Now Thoughts – Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve even thought about this fragrance. This go around I pick up much more on the indolic jasmine and like “bubble gum” white florals. And yes, there is a lot of sweet vanilla that is more floral, like a “vanilla orchid” than a cupcake. Today I’d say it’s a sweeter white floral with vetiver and lots of vanilla. It’s much more longer lasting than I remember too.

Conclusion: I’m still rather neutral but I do think it’s pretty good for a “mall” fragrance. I’m happy I tried it again because I do like those white florals in there.

Malle Dries van Noten

Malle par Dries Van Noten EDP review published September 26th, 2013

Initial Thoughts – I had a terrible experience with this sandalwood/vanilla which I talk about in detail in the review linked above. I hated it on my skin because it turned sour and frankly, unpleasant.

Now Thoughts – I do wonder if a year later is “too soon” to revisit this one. I mean, my experience was so bad that people smelled it on me and wondered if I got a bum sample.Wearing it now, I’m less repulsed by this sweet vanilla. I mean, it still opens up as slightly “off” tahini but it shocks me less now…maybe because I expect it??? Anyway, it’s this creamy vanilla and sandalwood with “clean” spices and a sharp, cool saffron. And then it dries down to a really sweet woodsy fragrance, but not sickening because it is good quality.

Conclusion: OK, I’m not 100% eating crow with this one because I still don’t like how it smells on me. HOWEVER I see why people like this one because I can tell that if it works for you it works. If I could skip the weird-on-me opening, I could see myself liking this one. Also, I’ve tried the body cream in this and I like it soooo much better. Why? None of the weird-on-me top notes. I *actually* see myself buying the body cream. Can you believe that?

In October, I’d say I’ve eaten a little bit of crow. There were a few perfumes that I like more, some I like less. If you’ve tried any of these, what did you think of them?

Also, I noticed that most of these were originally published on a date ending with “7”. I must really crave vanillas on days ending with 7…or something.

*”Crow on a Branch” by Kawanabe Kyosai from the Brooklyn Museum, perfume bottles from their brands.

8 thoughts on “Eating Crow – October 2014

  1. I haven’t tried any of these scents (though I am on the search for a vanilla I love) so I can’t say anything about how I feel about them, but I definitely think its awesome that you’ve gone back to revisit these scents to see how your opinions have changed. Since I very recently got REALLY into perfume, I’ve been getting tons of samples – many of which I don’t care for… at all (Atelier’s Blanche Immortelle?? Gah! Histoires de Parfums Vert Pivoine?? NOOOOOO). I’ve been debating if I should just try to swap those samples along or hold onto them and try them again later, when my nose is more mature, per se. I go back and forth, because I could just not ready for an amazing scent right now and I’ll miss out later by not trying it again but at the same time, there’s a gazillion perfumes out there – so why spend time trying to like something you might really hate… but your post is a testament to how tastes can change! Thanks for the read!

    1. I thought finding my “perfect” vanilla was a lot of fun! I don’t know if I’ve found it yet but the sampling was fun. Vanillas can be so many things: boozy, smoky, sweet and/or creamy.

      So, here’s my sample (even blind-buys – don’t do it! 😉 , decants) story: Back in the day when I was CRAZY about trying new stuff, I would get lots of samples. I just didn’t have the space! Obviously if I liked them, I’d keep them. If I didn’t, they went into their own pile and I would use them in trades or share with other perfume lovers. I figured “Hey, life is too short! So many ‘fumes to try!” and I didn’t like having lots of stuff around cluttering up my collection. Now I *keep* most samples unless they are A. easy to get (like I can run down to Sephora and sniff it/request a sample. B. They gave me “neutral” feelings. I find that I like to revisit (at that stage) the ones I loved or truly hated. I only keep things as reference, since I’m a blogger. I do think if you’re not “ready”, if it is truly good, you’ll find out. It’ll be mentioned again and you’ll be able to get your hands on it one way or another (stores, another trade or just buying it online). But, I will say that tastes don’t really change but they do expand 🙂 If someone says months/years from now that you may like something that you didn’t like in your early days, give it a whirl because it may just “click” with you.

  2. I strongly disliked all the vanilla scents from Comptoir sud Pacifique. They smelled like cheap candles to me, every one. I really wanted to like the Apricot one in particular.

    1. I would say that all of their vanillas remind me of cheap-o candles too. Which is a shame because I thought something like vanilla/apricot or vanilla/almond would be impossible to mess up…well, it’s possible.

  3. I’ve never had a vanilla that has bowled me over. Maybe it’s just me. I love that you are doing the “eating crow” thing because I adore that you are revisiting things. We are fluid beings!

    I waned to mention that I’m reading The Book of Scented Things. Reading about perfume in one way or another has been my salve for being in the dissertation phase, which SUCKS.

    1. I really should try to make a list of the vanillas I like. Because I always forget when asked :S Vanillas are such a “mood” for me. Sometimes I like them, other times I don’t.

      We are fluid! I like to go back with a “new” perspective and try some things.

      You will survive! It’s a great little book, glad you’re enjoying it. My goal was to get a post about it ready to publish this month, but geez, this month has been busy. Can’t believe this week it will be November…ugh.

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