Eating Crow – July 2015


I had said in my 6th Blogiversary post that I’d like to start doing a feature where I revisit perfumes to see if my “eaupinions” have changed. I said I wasn’t afraid to eat crow…and I’m not.

In July, I  decided to re-try some fruity scents.It seemed liked the right thing to do in the summer heat.

Smell Bent Little Miss Panda

Smell Bent Remix Little Miss Panda Gets Lei’d review published June 29, 2013

Initial Thoughts – I said that this breezy fruity floral was my favorite from the line. It’s a great mix of guava and jasmine.

Now Thoughts – I can’t remember how many other Smell Bent perfumes that I tried after writing this review, but I think I still really like this one. It isn’t the best example of a Smell Bent fragrance but I like it. It’s pretty. It’s fun. It’s jasmine sambac with some fruit.

Conclusion – I still like it.

Kelly & Jones Reisling EDP Perfume

Kelly & Jones #2 Notes of Riesling review published on June 26, 2012

Initial Thoughts – I liked it saying that it was a fresh “green” peach and pear fragrance that didn’t smell childish.

Now Thoughts – Once again, I wore it in the summer. It’s still really peach and pear but during this wear I pick up more on the tart raspberry leaf. It’s still not one of my favorites from the line but worth trying if you want something pear…that doesn’t smell childish.

Conclusion – I’m just not into pear fragrances. I just like eating pears.

Annick Goutal Petite Cherie

Annick Goutal Petite Cherie review published on June 15, 2010. 

Initial Thoughts – I said that it was an inoffensive “starter fragrance” that is fresh, fruity and with cut grass. I basically said that if you have a young niece, you should buy her a bottle of this.

Now Thoughts – Hey, guess what? It’s still a fruity floral! It’s balances between being perfume and a really great hair product scent. This isn’t a read. I think this is really good. I actually have enjoyed wearing this again. I’ve noticed that in this humidity, that the base is more lush. Everything is more magnified. I will say this though – the EDP is a lot better than the EDT. If you have a choice, get the EDP.

Conclusion – Petite Cherie is kawaii. After re-trying it, I’ve pulled out my bottle to wear when I want to be so very kawaii.

Creed Spring Flower perfume

CREED Spring Flower review published on March 22, 2011.

Initial Thoughts – I went on to explain why I think of it as a totally campy technicolor fruit fragrance. Elvis impersonators and Dolly Parton were mentioned. Back then I could find some charm in this synth musk and fruit fragrance.

Now Thoughts – Heat has been known to make me transform into something evil, so maybe I’m really grumpy. Truth is, I’m grumpy and my patience is limited. Today, Spring Flower makes me angry at the world. It’s a musky fruit, that’s true. But, it retails for $175 an ounce! The larger bottle is almost $300. This is insanity. This is a <blah> musk with coffee bean nuances in the opening. It eventually becomes a generic designer fruity-musk that reminds me of summer flankers from Burberry or Coty. The dry-down is a salty ambergris in an ocean of fruity musks. I don’t hate Spring Flower but it irritates me. I can think of many better ways to spend my money. But, hey, that’s me. Also, apparently Lana Del Rey wears this so a lot of women of a certain age want it because of this. Oh, Creed really capitalizes on their celeb following…OK, moving on.

Conclusion – One can get fruits for much cheaper. But, that’s not the issue with Creed. They sell because they are expensive. That’s the point. They’re aspirational. I still think it’s campy as hell though. But, I don’t find it charming.

Mugler Womanity

Thierry Mugler Womanity review published on August 26, 2010. 

Initial Thoughts – I said that I felt terrible for Womanity for being a Mugler. It was going to be judged and compared to its siblings. I think, even back then, people weren’t actually judging the fragrance for what it was. I actually really liked it. Loved the bottle, hated the name. I summed it up as – “It’s like salty caviar & overripe figs sinking in a sea of cherry syrup and Pez

Now Thoughts – Now that there’s distance from the launch, I’m going to say that I’m mad at everyone that disliked this one. OK, that’s an exaggeration, I’m not actually mad and I’ll still be your buddy, but man, I still like this one. In fact, I like it more than I did then. It’s weird. It’s wonderful. And it breaks my heart that this bizarre-o salty, savory fig and burnt sugar in a Giger-esque bottle did so poorly that now you can’t even find it in store in the US. I agree that the name is stupid. It’s no “Angel” or “Alien” and it should have started with an /a/ but it didn’t. When it’s gone, I’m going to become angry and bitter. PerfumeWorld, you’ve been warned.

Conclusion – I love Womanity. And this has reminded me that I should buy a backup bottle and maybe a few of the bath products. And I love the bottle so much.

As always, I’ve eaten some crow, mainly with the Creed. I’ve also realized that excluding figs, I really don’t own many fruity fragrances. I never went through a “fruits” phase.

If you’ve tried any of these, what do you think of them?

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8 thoughts on “Eating Crow – July 2015

  1. I love Womanity, there’s something so gross, overripe and sexy about it (the salty caviar and fig) that makes me feel hot when I wear it LOL. Petite Cherie is on my to try list, I’m a sucker for a cut grass note.

    1. It is gross which I like. But, I also like weird-ness like a little bit of “rot” in my florals, etc.

      Oh, you should try it! I love a grass note too (blame the 90’s and my love of GAP Grass). I really like how it is used in Petite Cherie. It’s really fresh.

  2. Before I was a grown “a–” woman, it smelled nice on me. I would spritz myself at the original neimans and run away before salesperson reached me knowing full well I couldn’t afford it. Now that I am mature (just kidding!) I really love Angelique Encens. It’s truly depressing. It’s discontinued and I can’t afford it. I’ve looked everywhere for womanity and can’t find it. I really want to try this one. Sometimes sea notes like Eva Kant are funky on me. I love it but no one else in my family wants to smell me. Thanks for the fun eating crow journals. I love them.

    1. Haha. I used to do that too. I couldn’t bother sniffing them (too shy, too awkward!) so I’d go for the brightest bottle. You know what’s funny, after “bad mouthing” Spring Flower, I swear I’ve smelled it on strangers all week. It’s not bad at all but it’s costly for what it is. But, not as costly as Angelique Encens is now!

      I think I like funky sea notes but I don’t know if other people like them on me, lol. I like brine-y scents. What can I say, I’m drawn to the ocean.

      I’ve asked retailers in the US that carry Mugler and to sum up what all of the SAs have said about Womanity, “It was too weird. Corporate pulled it”. But, from what I understand Angel wasn’t well liked in the beginning either. Oh, well.

  3. I don’t mind a fruity, assuming it isn’t Frooty. Basically, if it smells like red Hawaiian Punch (Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, I am looking at you), I hate it, and otherwise I’m okay with the genre. In fact, a number of my summer staples are fruity florals.

    Spring Flower struck me as meh and definitely not worth the bucks, but not awful. Womanity I absolutely despise, but I could have predicted that too. I’m not a big fan of salty fragrances, and I Hate Fig. (I mean, I really hate it. I could not scrub Philosykos and PFE off fast enough. Surprised me, because I love to eat dried figs. If I get the chance to try fresh ones, I’ll be all over that. But in fragrance? Urk.)

    I do love Petite Cherie, and I’m not ashamed. I’m not sayin’ I want to wear it out to dinner or something, because it’s a little twee on a woman in her mid-40s – but it smells like a dear childhood memory of mine and I love to spray it on a nightgown or a pillow, for summer comfort. I get a lot of grass in it as well as the fruit.

    Also – I love your Eating Crow tags. Clever way to revisit!

    1. I like fruity-florals but I agree that stuff like Wonderstruck is terrible when it touches my skin (no idea why that one was so bad on me).

      Spring Flower is nice but it is pricey (for me). I’ve actually smelled it on some strangers this week and it’s nice. It does well in the heat.

      Womanity – I’m a fig fragrance lover (my great-grandparents were fig farmers). I love stuff like Philosykos which leans more green/leafy than the fruitiness in Womanity (speaking of, it’s fig season, get ya some fresh ones). And I LOVE salty scents. I don’t know if salty scents smell good on me but I love the ocean and pickles and I think I’m basically pickling myself in brine-y scents. Saying all of this, I completely get why people don’t like Womanity and I definitely get why you don’t! lol

      Petite Cherie – I’m feeling this one right now. I want to spray my linens with it. I haven’t really worn it out (mainly on my work from home days) but I’m not opposed. Maybe it’ll throw people off. They won’t suspect I’m wearing something so twee 🙂

      It’s good to revisit. I’ve forgotten about some of these :S

  4. LOL I am actually guilty of being interested in Creed Spring Flower because Lana Del Rey wears it (but only out of curiosity,). Like you I was disappointed, because a) the smell didn’t strike me as Lana Del Rey-like in any positive way and b) I imagined the scent to be a majestic spring floral, instead it was another nothing-y chemical cocktail!

    1. I know people are tired of celeb perfumes, but I would really, really love it Lana Del Rey had (or collaborated with a brand) for her own perfume. I’d love to see what it’s like! I agree that Spring Flower didn’t hit me as very “her”. I don’t know what I expect for her to wear but I expect for it to be more interesting.

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