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e.l.f. Studio SPF 45 Sunscreen Loose Powder Review

e.l.f. SPF 45 powder

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We all know that wearing sunscreen is important. Adults that wear sunscreen daily have a 50% less chance of developing skin cancer. And it helps to reduce the look of premature aging. People are vain and I believe this is what makes sunscreen really sell!

I had to try this Loose Powder SPF 45 Sunscreen by e.l.f. Studio. I apply sunscreen daily to exposed areas and my foundation contains SPF too. This is good enough for most days here in the Pacific Northwest. But, I wanted something more for sunny days. So, in all vanity, I wanted a sunscreen that I can reapply every 2 hours without messing up my makeup like a cream or liquid SPF would do. And that’s why I bought this powder. It’s a mineral loose powder with “extra” minerals for sun protection.

Here’s the deal. I love this powder. The formula is awesome. I was wary at first. The loose powder is a medium shade with orange undertones. I was terrified that it would look orange on me (Hello, I did not want to look like Latrice Royal!). e.l.f. Loose Powder actually looks really natural when brushed on and buffed with a kabuki brush. It looks natural in sunlight. I have also taken pictures and my complexion did not look like it was painted with white grease paint or covered in orange powder. I can’t say that this is a “one size fits all” shade, but it does work for me. There’s a catch, right?

elf SPF 45 loose powder
Wearing the powder on bare skin in natural "sunlight".

The packaging is AWFUL! Or maybe I’m spoiled by higher end cosmetics…or maybe I got a bad apple? I can never get the lid to screw on properly. They really need to engineer this better. Since it doesn’t close, it isn’t portable. I have wasted more of this product than I should have. I can’t put it in my bag, like my original plan, for touch-ups throughout the day. The packaging is bulky and there is very little product in comparison to the size. And the powder leaks because the top won’t screw on properly. It was in the box this way FYI. There is nothing that I “screwed up”.

e.l.f. SPF 45 loose powder

I have a dilemma. I like the product itself but hate the  packaging. What do I do? Do I repurchase? Or do I move on and purchase a more expensive but similar product because the packaging is better? Or should I purchase this powder and put it in a different container that I can purchase from makeup artist shops? Or did I just get a bad one?

e.l.f. Studio SPF 45 Loose Powder Sunscreen retails for $6 and is available at eyes lips face.

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* Product purchased by me. Product pic from e.l.f. The others are mine. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “e.l.f. Studio SPF 45 Sunscreen Loose Powder Review

  1. I’d first try to put it in some other packaging that may work better…then if that doesn’t work either, guess you’ll have to splurge on a Colorscience or Chantecaille one…I can’t find any powders I like, but I’ve never tried a powder sunscreen before. Will have to look into it! It’s hard to get motivated here in Seattle, since we so rarely see a lot of sun!

    1. I found empty powder containers online for cheap.
      I usually avoid powders because they don’t look good on me but like I said, had to try a powder sunscreen, you know, in case we ever see the sun 🙂
      Just got back from L.A., there skin does not look as good as the people here. That’s one good thing about rarely seeing the sun! We have nice complexions.

  2. Hmmm my elf HD powder looks similar to this container and I have no issues with it and it closes tightly. Perhaps it could be the one you bought. Cheap brands may not have v consistent quality…eg ikea furniture…they look great but sometimes you put them together and something is wrong like a missing screw or the sides aren’t symmetrical…just a thought…

    1. Thank you for commenting and I totally get your Ikea analogy. Since I’ve never bought this product before, I couldn’t say that I got a defective one. Checking out reviews it seemed that it was 50/50…making a better case for maybe I got a bad one.
      I really wish my local Target carried this because then I could check it out in person.
      Regardless, I like the powder.

  3. If you could find a container like ColoreScience Sunforgettable uses, that would be great. I use their retractable brush & it works great, but is expensive. Will def refill w/e.l.f. next time.

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