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We Three Kings Perfume Blogging Project: Frankincense

Three Kings is a natural perfume by DSH Perfume’s Parfum des Beaux Arts. This is a limited edition holiday scent that I’ve really fallen for. Described as “nothing modern about this darkly textured and earthy perfume; it speaks to us Ancients“. Give me a moody, dark resinous woods fragrance and I’m bound to be pleased.

DSH’s Three Kings isn’t “Christmas” smelling like the name would apply. It’s a warm, woodsy fragrance that actually reminds me of hot, Southern childhood summers. Three Kings reminds me of the landscapes that the Biblical Magi would had to have crossed, following a star, carrying the special gifts they were to give. Three Kings is a special fragrance for anytime of the year.

The opening of Three Kings is bitter and I can distinguish the natural bergamot and bitter orange in this juice. I also get a pine sap aroma that is sweet and sticky. I also get a little bit of bitter turpentine. But, really Three Kings isn’t chemical and maybe I’m exaggerating the turpentine. It’s  pine tree sap and pine cones. It reminds me hot summers, climbing pine trees barefoot in Georgia as a child. (Yeah, still remember the pain of stepping on pine cones). I can even smell the dried pine needles! All together it is earthy and warm. I like it. Three Kings is nostalgic, reminding me of childhood. Doesn’t one want that in a “Christmas” scent? I love the opening, with time (about 10-15 minutes) the pine begins to fade into the background. FYI- Frankincense is a resin. When it’s fresh it has a “pine” like aroma- With time, I’m left with dry orris and orange essential oils. This is dry and sour on me. It reminds me of hot, direct sunlight instead of playing in the pine shade. When Three Kings just starts to get too warm, I then get cool vetiver that is earthy. It reminds me of the Biblical Magi, stopping to refresh, drinking and bathing, the tall grasses blowing in the breeze on the muddy bank. The breeze blows in olibanum/frankincense. It’s peppery, citrusy, and coniferous. It mixes with the cool, dirty vetiver. It’s earthy and beautiful.

Three Kings does lean towards the masculine end of the spectrum with its evergreen, vetiver, and resinous notes. However, I find this fragrance very easy to wear and I love how it progresses on my skin. It really does remind me of a trek or a journey.

Tissot Journey of the Magi

I love “ancient” resins and woods. I have apothecary jars filled with far away resins and barks that I purchase from Tenzing Momo in Pike Place Market. After sniffing my collection, Three Kings really is a very natural mix of vetiver, frankincense, and myrrh. Unlike most modern perfumes, Three Kings isn’t sexy. It isn’t sultry. It isn’t glamorous. It’s meditative.

Shelf with resin and bark filled apothecary jars

Notes listed include bergamot, bitter almond, bitter orange, davana, champaca, Egyptian jasmine, Moroccan rose, French orange flower, orris root, atlas cedarwood, Australian sandalwood, Brazilian vetiver, buddahwood, Israeli olibanum (frankincense), labdanum, patchouli, and true Arabian myrrh.

Give Three Kings a try if you like natural fragrances, especially natural scents with pine and vetiver. Or if you like perfumes like Regina Harris Frankincense & Myrrh, Lubin Le Vetiver, Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles, and/or L’Artisan Parfumeur Fou d’Absinthe (DSH is much heavier).

Many sizes are available of this limited edition holiday perfume. The 1 oz. retails for $140. Three Kings is available at DSH Perfumes on-line boutique.

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Painting James Tissot “Journey of the Magi” 1902, Wikipedia
The other picture is mine, from my nest.

18 thoughts on “DSH Perfumes Three Kings Natural EDP Perfume Review

  1. I love your review! Especially the childhood memories, it’s so good to find a perfume that can actually transport you there.
    I already feel stupid for saying this so many time at so many places, but I love Dawn’s work, especially perfumes she does with woods and resins.
    Ines recently posted..We Three Kings – Myrrh

    1. I’m in the praising DSH club too. I have an Internet trail following me where I recommend her fragrances and talk about what a genius she is! She does resins and honey gourmands so well. Oh, and incense 🙂

      1. I am also a member of the We Love Dawn club. I have not tried this one, but it sounds gorgeous. The selection of vials I have of hers right now are a varied mix of very different scents, so it’s nice to see the range she’s capable of creating. My favorite new comfort scent is La Fete Nouvelle, it’s all sweetness and hay. I can really sense the “journey” you’re talking about in your review, you took us all with you! Great review. 🙂
        Carrie Meredith recently posted..Amaranthine via My Dairy Queen

        1. Yep, she has a range. She even does tuberose well!
          I haven’t tried La Fete Nouvelle but sounds pretty. Many people don’t like hay, but I do. I still have the Egyptian set unopened 🙁 I’m so behind on sniffing and reviewing!

    1. There is a generous amount of vetiver in this, which I love. It really does convey a journey or a trek. It is a thoughtful fragrances. DSH does that so well.

  2. …and that’s one more DSH perfume to add to my list! I love pine in perfume (I love Fille en Aiguilles) and your stories about climbing trees almost makes the scent of sap “appear” in the air. Lovely review!

    1. It is well done. It seems like something you would like. It’s less piney than SL. It’s just such a meditative, warm scent, one of those “nerve calming” scents like DSH Bancha.

    1. Bitter is just now growing on me, mainly because I feared it wasn’t working for me. But, it does, when done right 🙂

    1. This one is bitter but smooth towards the end with vetiver, frankincense, and myrrh. I describe this one as “ancient”.

    1. I’m not usually a pine fan, but I think it is growing on me…in small doses. Too much of it and I’m reminded of men’s aftershave.

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