DSH Perfumes Oude Arabique EDP Perfume Review

I was plesantly surprised to find a sample of DSH Perfumes Parfum des Beaux Arts Oude Arabique. I didn’t know I had it! Organizing my samples paid off. Oude Arabique is described as “Rare. Mystical. Sacred.” I agree. It’s an ancient smelling Arabic oud blend: rich, exotic, and woodsy.

Oude Arabique opens up as gummy, ambergris, and a bitter elemi. I can best describe this bitterness as the strange tartness associated with incense that often resembles lemon and pine. With this “feel” it goes from murky, gummy to bitter, almost fresh. I really didn’t see the “elemi” freshness coming in. OK, the elemi is more medicinal than fresh, but if you’ve sniffed the resin before, you know what I’m talking about. It’s pleasant. The ambergris is really noticeable on me. It’s buttery, salty, animalic. Ambergris is always very noticeable on me. Good thing that I like it. With time, I get smokiness but mainly woods, lots of sandalwood. I get oud and woods commonly used in incense. What a wonderful woodsy fragrance! It wears as a perfect woods blend on me that I can’t stop sniffing.

Jean-Leon Gerome The Master Returns

I love wearing Oude Arabique his is something that I want to wear frequently. This has all of my favorite notes, except for one, patchouli. I’d love if Oude Arabique had a bit of patchouli in it. The lasting power is good but not as great as other DSH Perfumes. This one wears closely to my skin. It isn’t an overwhelming, loud oud.

Notes listed include mastic, oude (agarwood), Tamil Nadu sandalwood, Australian sandalwood, buddhawood, Himalayan cedar, and tolu balsam.

Give Oude Arabique a try if  you like oud perfumes with an ancient feel or if you like perfumes like Tom Ford Private Blends Oud Wood, 10 Corso Como, and/or Keiko Mecheri Musc.

Many sizes are available. The 1 oz. EDP spray retails for $145. It is available at DSH Perfumes on-line boutique.

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Product picture from DSH Perfumes. Painting is Jean-Leon Gerome “The Master Returns”.

13 thoughts on “DSH Perfumes Oude Arabique EDP Perfume Review

  1. I find that people either love or hate Oud scents. This one definitely sounds interesting. I don’t think I’ve come across a review that has used the word fresh. Some have been lighter than others but I’ve never seen fresh. For that reason I’m intrigued.
    Barney A. Bishop recently posted..Wordless Wednesdays

    1. Being a natural, this one changes. On warmer days, it’s more bitter/elemi. On cooler days, like today, it’s that buttery ambergris with incense oud. Either is much kinder and gentler than a Montale!

  2. Sounds stunning! I think I might have to get a sample of this asap. I am really digging the ouds these days.

    I wonder if you layered it with a spritz of a simple patchouli frag? If you try it, let me know!

    1. This one is very wearable without losing the “oud-ness”.
      I was thinking about those Roger et Gallet todays. Don’t they make/made a patchouli? Or am I thinking Crabtree & Evelyn? Anyways, I think Oude Arabique could benefit from being applied over a patchouli “body spray” or lotion. It needs just a little patchouli.

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