DSH Perfumes Lautrec Perfume Review

DSH Perfumes Lautrec

DSH Perfumes created Lautrec to celebrate Ça Fleure Bon’s first anniversary. One more reason why fragrance blogs make the world a better place! Celebratory perfumes! 😉 Lautrec is obviously inspired by one of my favorite artists, Toulouse-Lautrec. Lautrec is gluttonous gourmand filled with savory sweets, can-can cocktails, and bawdy base notes. It’s Bohemian perfection.

DSH Perfumes does gourmand like no other. And “this style” is my favorite gourmand style. DSH blends are edible, usually not sickly sweet, and often remind me of my grandmother’s homemade baked goods…if they were mixed with a healthy dose of non-food items like moss, civet, and resins.

Lautrec is yummy, a spicy gourmand that I can’t wait to wear on cool fall and winter nights. (Can you believe I just typed that?) The opening of Lautrec is boozy baked goods, reminding me of a really good spiced rum cake with a little bit of orange blossom honey. The heart of Lautrec is a buttery caramel enhanced but not overpowered by heady white florals. Lautrec is more flan than a night-blooming bouquet. The dry-down of Lautrec is rich. I still get caramel but it is more burnt with animalic musks and earthy patchouli and mosses. Hedonistic goodness.

La Goulue

Lautrec is incredibly long wearing. And one of the many joys of Lautrec is that is warms up and opens up on the skin with time. It only gets better and better. This is another amazing creation by Dawn Spencer-Hurwitz. If you like Cimabue, then you’ll want to try this one. It’s less spicy but just as (maybe more) delicious, still unisex. This perfume is so “me”. I really love wearing and smelling it.

Notes listed include bergamot, cognac, davana, passionfruit, sweet absinthe, cassie, Moroccan rose, orange flower, sambac jasmine, ylang-ylang, Australian sandalwood, benzoin, caramel, civet, Indian patchouli, labdanum, moss, and tolu balsam. FYI – absinthe and cognac were Toulouse-Lautrec’s favorite beverages. DSH does not skimp on details.


Give DSH Lautrec a try if you like rich gourmands or DSH’s other gourmands like Cimabue, Anya’s Garden Star Flower, Strange Invisible Magazine Street, Ayala Moriel Finjan, By Kilian Love, and/or L’Artisan Parfumeur Dzing!

A few sizes are available in beautiful presentation bottles. Prices range from $90 to $250 and are available at DSH Perfumes.

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13 thoughts on “DSH Perfumes Lautrec Perfume Review

    1. It is really good. So rich. I love how it warms up and gets better with time on the skin. How it responds to skin fits with the hedonistic, Bohemian theme.

    1. Chewy! This is chewy too. There’s some texture to it. It really is good. I see this as something you’d like.

      I need to try Sienna. It’s the only “Dawn gourmand” that I haven’t tried.

  1. Thank you so much, Victoria, for such a delightful review of Lautrec! You really got all that I was hoping to convey and speak to.. especially the hedonistic lushness and yes, chewiness. 🙂
    You are too kind and I am honored. oxo

    1. Thank you Dawn for all that you do! Your creations are wonderful, thoughtful, and filled with surprising details. I enjoy so many of your blends.

  2. Oh, I really must try this, I love Dawn’s perfumes and one of my favorites is Mahjoun, so I KNOW I will love Lautrec!

    1. Mahjoun is one my favorites too! And Lautrec is in that similar delicious style, making it one of my new favorites. I’ve never sniffed a caramel note this rich. Yum.

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