DSH Perfumes Cardamom & Khyphi EDP Perfume Review

DSH Perfumes Cardamom & Khyphi EDP Perfume Review DSH Perfumes Essence Studio Cardamom & Khyphi is exactly what the name implies. This is a zesty, simple incense blend of cardamom and Egyptian khyphi incense.

Cardamom & Khyphi opens as very zesty and effervescent. It’s delicious. If you are like me and love cardamom in food and beverages, then I’ll guarantee that this perfume will  make you salivate! It’s sweet and spicy. Have I mentioned before that cardamom is one of my olfactory weaknesses? Well, it is. Cardamom & Khyphi wears very gourmand on me. How can a fragrance with incense do that? Well, khyphi is special incense that smells like fermented fruit (wine) and spice. Khyphi has always reminded me of a mulled wine. So, Cardamom & Khyphi reminds me of a red mulled wine with all of the “mulling spices” but with lots cardamom. You get lots of cinnamon and spice. With time, incense smoke appears but it isn’t overly “smoky”. It just smells rounded and smooth, more like a ball of incense that has been burnt instead of burning incense.

This is fragrance is very comforting for me. It’s simple and it has lots of cardamom which I love. I see myself wearing this in the fall and throughout early winter. That’s when I always want chai scents or sweet/spicy scents. The gourmand spices make this one very comforting; it warms me up even on snowy days. (Rumor has it that we’re getting snow today).

I see people liking Cardamom & Khyphi if they like well, cardamom or chai fragrances.

Many sizes are available. An 1 oz. EDP spray retails for $54.50. Cardamom & Khyphi is available at DSH Perfume’s online boutique.

DIY Kyphi!!!

Also, check out Green Chi’s kyphi recipe. It’s time for DIY incense! I’m heading on over to Tenzing Momo.

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Liz Taylor as Cleopatra pic from The Film Society

16 thoughts on “DSH Perfumes Cardamom & Khyphi EDP Perfume Review

  1. I love cardamom – as a spice and in perfume! I also like Kyphi, so this sounds like an all-round winner to try!

    Incidentally, the Romans burned incense in the form of little balls, so your association fits perfectly!
    Tarleisio recently posted..Black No 1

    1. It’s simple, comforting, I like it for cold days like today.
      I’m used to “ball” incense since that’s the only kind I know to make. They’re fun. It reminds me of baking 🙂

  2. So this would be your pick of all the DSH Egypt scents? It sounds really nice. I feel like I already have so many spicy/incense scents, but I have to admit that I am unfamiliar with Kyphi, so that would put this scent on my “TO TRY” list. Glass Petal Smoke is getting me a bit riled up about incense lately, especially of the Japanese variety. Anyway, I am really looking forward to hearing how your foray into incense-making goes!
    Carrie Meredith recently posted..The Peel Chronicles- part II- Colbert MD Intensify Facial Discs

    1. I wouldn’t say this is my pick because I haven’t tried them all. It takes me weeks to “try” perfumes, so now I’m able to move on to the rest of the collection. I do like it.
      Khyphi is interesting stuff. Many Westerners don’t realize how many dried fruits and foody items go into making traditional incense, either it be the the Japanese variety or Egyptian/African varieties.

    1. We have about 5 inches of snow/slush on the ground, rain falling on top of that. A mulled wine scent does fit perfectly with the weather.

    1. Went for the Liz-opatra because I want to imagine those goblets are filled with mulled wine.
      Today I bought up the rest of the ingredients that I’d need to make khyphi. So, I’ll see how that goes!

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