DSH Perfumes Amouse Bouche EDP Perfume Review – Passport to Paris

DSH Amouse Bouche EDP

It’s sort of funny that I review perfume online but I’m the type of person that tries to avoid reading stuff like Yelp reviews. There’s a few reasons why. One of the reasons is that I hate “researching” so much before eating. Do you remember when we were more spontaneous and would just eat at a restaurant you were walking by? Another reason is that the reviews get annoying. Someone is like “Wow, too spicy!” and then I go and think it’s not spicy at all. Or these sort of golden gems, “I ate at Best Thai and hated it. Terrible. But, I hate Thai food anyway”. And I think, “Why are you writing a review, who does that?” And here I am today. I’m doing that. I’m that person. What have I become?

DSH Perfumes Amouse Bouche is a perfume in the Passport to Paris Collection created for the Denver Art Museum. This one is based on Toulouse-Lautrec’s “The Dunce’s Cap” which is meant to be a fun scent. I don’t know what I expected with this one, but I didn’t expect for it to be such a sweet gourmand. And I have no reason for that! Even the brand says,  “a succulent strawberry gourmand perfume”. Why would I think differently? It’s right there! Well, strawberry-hating me selectively focused on the “layered within an aldehydic flor*ental design”. Being a fan of DSH’s work, I expected for it to win me over (they usually do). I thought I’d wear this and say “That’s it, world. I’m now a lover of sticky sweet strawberry perfumes”. Well, it didn’t. But, it’s worth trying if “a succulent strawberry gourmand” sounds like something you’d like.

Amouse Bouche opens up smelling like a Strawberry Shortcake doll (vintage, yo). There’s a sweet strawberry with powdery doll heads and a childlike neroli “baby” cologne. This is going to sound weird but this smells so much like fluoride treatments that they would give kids (please tell me you have some idea of what I’m talking about). Amouse Bouche wears as a very sweet strawberry jam fragrance with rich buttered toast. It really does have some sort of “bread and butter” accord going on. It dries down to a a really pretty, powdery sandalwood incense.

If you read EauMG, you can probably tell I’m a DSH fangirl (because I am). Amouse Bouche didn’t really work for me becuase of my bizarre “flouride treatment” associations. I’m a freak with issues. I know, I know. I also don’t really like “butter” in fragrances. So, really my assessment of this fragrance should be taken with a grain of salt. I’m one of those Yelp-ish reviewers that drive me bonkers…sorry.

Nico eating a strawberry

Notes listed include strawberry aldehyde, neroli, lemon, bergamot, vetiver, jasmine, ylang ylang ambrette, Australian sandalwood, Tahitian vanilla and tonka bean. Launched 2014.

Give Amouse Bouche a try if you like sweet, pastry like berry scents. Or if you like Aquolina Pink Sugar, Dior Miss Dior Cherie, Hanae Mori Butterfly, Givenchy Hot Couture and/or Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight. It’s gourmand and sweet. Most people will view this one as feminine…and young.

The modern perfume market is full of feminines that are strawberry/berry gourmands (see above). And if you want that theme with better quality ingredients, then try this. Because it is really good for this theme. It’s just that this theme rarely ever appeals to me.

Projection and longevity are above average.

Amouse Bouche comes in a few sizes with the 1/3 oz EDP retails for $63 at DSH Perfumes. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONStrawberry jam and buttery baked goods. I accept the fact that strawberries aren’t a note for me. #1 I’m allergic to them. #2 I just realized that they make me think of dentists. I’ve found out so much about myself during this review.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by DSH. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pic from DSH. Nico from

6 thoughts on “DSH Perfumes Amouse Bouche EDP Perfume Review – Passport to Paris

  1. amuse bouche is of course, something akin to an appetizer, but usually sweeter or more fanciful- just a bite to entertain your mouth, as it were.

    i remember the doll head- YO. and later swatch watch bands. of course, none of this compares to the real thing- but it does definitely mark a period in time.

    1. This felt more like a gut full, but I see where it was going. Straberry jam and bread.

      I still wear Swatches. They don’t smell the same as they did. Seriously. They’re different now.

      1. *laugh* i still wear my swatches too, they have lasted FOREVER… but i didn’t get the smelly kind. and i forgot to ask what’s with dentists and strawberries?

  2. I really wanted to like this one because I loved the whole strawberry shortcake collection of dolls as a kid. Unfortunately, the weird dental accord did get in the way. I’m very phobic of dentists in general. Some of her perfumes with orange or neroli make me smell like old motor oil. I really do love her perfumes! I don’t know if the butter plus neroli makes it smell like motor oil? I can’t wear Fire Opal either.

    1. Strawberry Shortcake dolls were the best! One of my first “scent” memories really. I don’t mind perfumes that go into that realm.

      I know exactly what you are talking about with neroli/motor oil thing. I get this with Caron as well, Narcisse Blanc, is a perfect example of this. And LUSH Orange Blossom.

      I think DSH is an excellent line but it only makes sense that with a line as large as hers, that there will be something that doesn’t agree with you. This was one of them for me. If you remind me of dentists, I can’t. In fact, there was some drills going on at the office putting desks together and I realized about an hour later that I had this terrible mouth pain…it was me associating the sound with dentists. Ugh.

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