DSH Perfumes 1000 Lilies Natural EDP Review

DSH Perfumes Parfums des Beaux Arts 1000 Lilies is a perfume from the Secrets of Egypt Collection, a limited edition collection created for Denver Art Museum’s King Tut exhibit. This perfume is based on Susinon, an ancient Egyptian and Greek perfume. It is said this is the perfume that Cleopatra scented her sails with. I like the thought of that.

1000 Lilies is very floral on me, but this is what I expected with a name like 1000 Lilies! Immediately I am hit with the heady ylang-ylang, a note that I’m just now warming up to. It’s really heady and slightly spicy. I also get something very humid and “marshy” but pure, that’s the lotus. I get that greenness from roses. 1000 Lilies reminds me of humid floral lushness. This is one of those fragrances that represents purity to me. It’s spicy green floral that smells very innocent. It feels airy and breezy. There’s spice but it’s more floral spice, like a lily.

Antony & Cleopatra by Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Lawrence Alma-Tadema "Antony & Cleopatra" 1885

My husband commented on how good this smells. This means something being that he’s exposed to a “new scent on Victoria” everyday. He kind ofΒ smiled, a glimmer in the eye, with a bit of confusion. I don’t think he found this scent particular “sexy” or anything like that. His expression was what I experienced with 1000 Lilies as well: optimism. This fragrance is floral, green, and fresh. It reminds me of wild lilies (like snow drops) growing in early spring. My husband finally said, “oh, you smell like lilies!” See, 1000 Lilies is spot on!

This isn’t a “me” fragrance. But, I do appreciate it and I don’t mind wearing it. It’s a beautiful fragrance that reminds me of optimistic spring days. I’ve never sniffed actual Susinon, but I love to smell this scent on myself and think about those heavily perfumed sails perfuming the air, the breeze carrying the scent over salty Mediterranean waters. It’s such a romantic story. 1000 Lilies really does a good job with this romance. It smells like a floral perfume being blown over cool, clear, sparkling waters.

Notes listed include cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, fragrant wine, galbanum, Kenya lily, narcissus, orris root, pink lotus, saffron, Turkish rose otto, ylang-ylang, Australian sandalwood, honey, myrrh gum, and sweet flag.

Give Parfums des Beaux Arts by DSH 1000 Lilies a try if you like lily or muguet scents or scents like Penhaligon’s Lily of the Valley, Jessica McClintock Always & Forever, Dior Diorissimo, Eau d’Italie Au Lac, and/or Van Cleef & Arpels Muguet Blanc.

1000 Lilies is available in both liquid and solid. Many sizes are available. The flask retails for $45 and is available at DSH Perfume’s on-line boutique.

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Product picture from DSH Perfumes.

16 thoughts on “DSH Perfumes 1000 Lilies Natural EDP Review

  1. I won a Secrets of Egypt package from Dawn’s blog. When it arrived, everything was intact except the 1000 Lilies vial had leaked.

    The whole package smelled amazing as a result of the leak! Because there was litle left in the vial and it smelled so good, I have not touched a drop.
    I realize how silly this is now.

    Because of your review, I must finally try 1000 Lilies. Reading your words, I can practically smell the perfume!

    1. I hate when perfumes leak in the mail! However, this is one that I wouldn’t mind smelling in large amounts. See, I agree with Cleopatra!
      This perfume reminds me that spring isn’t too far away. It does imprint itself in one’s mind. I can smell it too when I “think” about it. Cleopatra knew how to pick a signature scent πŸ˜‰

    2. I have a few of Dawns perfumes but this one i do not like πŸ™ it was very pricey and still have receipt showing 110.00 paid for the 1oz bottle,i so want to sell it and would gladly pass the bottle on to any wanting person at a huge savings and ship it for free,if any one sees this and is interested email me at

    1. Why bother with 1 lily when you can have a 1000?
      It’s funny but as fragrance bloggers, we start to get an idea of each other’s “scent profile”. Sometimes I’ll sample something and go “this is a JoanElaine scent” or “Carrie would like this”. Anyways, I sniffed this one and thought, I think Olfactoria would like this one!

  2. OH…oh, omg…now that sopmething resembling my sense of smell is returning from wherever it went last week, I sat up very straight and paid attention when you said the magic word…”lily”. My favorite flower, but so hard to find in a perfume. It’s either Casablanca lily or stargazer lily, and i want Madonna/Easter lilies. I think I’ve reached the point where I either find someone who can split it with me or else just wish for a bottle blind, and let the lilies fall where they may! πŸ˜‰
    Tarleisio recently posted..All Flued Out

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