DSH Perfume The Cannabis Culture Collection Review

Reefer Madness

DSH Perfumes is a Colorado-based indie perfume line. In honor of Colorado’s decision to legalize recreational marijuana¹, this perfume line has launched four weed-centric perfumes. It’s like perfume, politics and social commentary all in one little collection.

DSH Perfumes The Green House

The Green House has notes of leafy green notes, vetiver, aldehdyes, violet and cannabis accord.

So, The Green House smells like freshly cut grass and well, freshly cut “grass”. It’s marijuana and mounds of damp grass clippings. And then it gets an addition of metal shavings.The heart is like wet grass and ripe raspberries. It dries down to dried grass.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – Humid grass and grass.

DSH Agrestic Perfume

Agrestic has notes of tomato leaf, plum, sweet hay, lavender, oakmoss and “weed” accord.

Agrestic is green but much drier than The Green House. It’s like a vegetable garden surrounded by a hay field. The dry-down of this one gets more herbaceous and is very much like a chypre. It’s lavender and oakmoss. As far as weediness goes, this one is less weedy. It’s meant to be like a rogue pot plant planted in a field of unknowing herbs. And it is like that. A fresh plant surrounded by a field. Give it a try if you like perfumes like House of Matriarch Forbidden.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – Marijuana chypre. The least weedy out of the set.

DSH I Love You Mary Jane

I Love You, Mary Jane with notes of blackberry, grapefruit, mango, rose, jasmine, oakmoss and hemp.

I Love You, Mary Jane is a really fruity weed. It’s the good stuff; the sticky sativa. Cool, sulfuric grapefruit that ripens into Pacific Northwest blackberries. It dries down to a mossy rose.

Out of the collection, I Love You, Mary Jane is my favorite. It’s the final, pre-smoked product. Give it a try if you like perfumes like Aether Arts Burner No. 4 John Frum.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – Fruity, sticky sativa.

DSH Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High with notes of evergreens, basil, clary sage, marijuana accord, skunk accord and oakmoss.

Rocky Mountain High is Christmas trees and dried weed. The skunk in this is less weed and even skunk, but more like rubber tires. It’s meant to remind us of that Rocky Mountain high, hiking in the great outdoors and smoking the ganja. For me, it’s more like driving to a remote-ish location and toking with friends, all propped up on car hoods. This one sort of reminds me of Phoenicia Far NWest

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – Tires, forest and a smoky vetiver. You know, hanging out with the “wrong” crowd or the “people with the best musical tastes” crowd.

Now that I no longer live in Seattle, I admit that I miss the nebula of doobie that inexplicably surrounds the city. It provided some sort of cushion of progressive comfort. Now, I get a whiff of it from a fourth floor walk-up window or some guy walking his dog late at night. And  it’s always the stuff of the crappiest quality. This aroma gives me feelings of whatever the opposite of “cushion of progressive progress” is. It just turns me into the “legalize it already” person but I’m digressing.

Overall, I like the collection because it celebrates the end of a prohibition in certain states of the U.S. I do think it’s too weed-y for those that don’t want to smell like marijuana and it’s not weed-y enough for people wanting marijuana perfumes. I never know what people wanting weed perfumes want; I don’t know their experiences but I do get the impression they want it to be super literal. Personally, I don’t. I’ll say this, in Seattle, I would have been fine wearing these. Here (New Jersey), I’m a bit self-conscious. And face it, many of us live in the sort of areas where people  think it’s OK to conduct body cavity searches of folks they think “smell like marijuana“. I don’t want to be given any hassle for wearing some sort of vetiver perfume, you know. America needs to get their prohibition figured out. And I’ll leave it at that.

These come in a few sizes with the 1oz EDP retailing for $70 at DSH Perfumes. A Discovery Set is also available. And it’s also available in an oil format. I’ve reviewed the EDPs.

If you want more 420 perfumes, here’s my guide. I got this covered, ya’ll.

¹Washington voted to legalize in the same year but Colorado is more lenient when it comes to “home growing”. And this collection actually focuses on the “life cycle” of non-cartel weed. And I think that makes this collection extra special with all that social commentary.

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7 thoughts on “DSH Perfume The Cannabis Culture Collection Review

  1. The fact that someone can be given a cavity search for smelling like pot is terrifying, I know the news is skewed (so we only hear the bad things) but much of what I’ve been hearing/reading about the police over there is awful (I’m sure there are plenty of normal, decent, moderate police, of course).

    That all being said, The Green House sounds like something I would wear, simply because I love grassy scents 🙂

    1. Of course everything that makes he news is the bad stuff. Good stuff doesn’t get the press. I know many of my international friends are shocked by the US right now. But, many in the US are too. It’s just so much bad in the news.
      THAT being said, I linked to that story because it’s a recent one. And also over the past few months, my sister was pulled over for a having a light out. Long story short, the cop searched her car because he “smelled something”, suggesting there was marijuana in the car. He found nothing but bars of homemade peppermint soaps she bought at a farmer’s market (all wrapped in brown paper bag). So, peppermint smells like weed now? I’m not going to get into it all as her situation didn’t end with violence, but it’s still wild. I don’t want to have any issues with folks because they “smell something”. That’s scary. And a major waste of everyone’s time and resources.

      And yeah, trying to keep it about perfume but I do think this collection makes some statements. It’s weird to live in a place where in one state you can buy cannabis at a store and another where you go to jail for having it.

      I actually like The Green House because I’m a sucker for fresh cut grass scents too! Honestly, I think most people wouldn’t notice the “cannabis” in it.

        1. Personally, I think it was a bully tactic. You do that enough, you scare people and they let you search. You’ll eventually find something if you do that enough.

  2. A couple of things. First, thank you for this post: these fragrances sound divine especially Rocky Mountain High! I am ever fascinated with green, enchanting, lively scents.
    Also, in your opinion how would you describe the pure scent of cannabis? Is it anything like the smell of ‘weed’ when smoked, or more like the spinach-y scent of hemp seed oil, or something quite different?

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