DSH Essence Studio Wasabi Shiso EDP Perfume Review

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DSH Perfumes Essence Studio Wasabi Shiso EDP is an interesting fragrance. And if  you even think that wasabi and shiso is a good idea in perfume, then give Wasabi Shiso a try. It will not let you down. It is a transformer. These are the words to describe Wasabi Shiso: green, fruity, fresh, spicy, citrusy, woodsy, dirty, and earthy. This fragrance takes your nose on a journey.

The opening of Wasabi Shiso is zesty! It’s an interesting blend of fresh, tart yuzu and green, spicy wasabi. I pick up on something that reminds me of citronella, an herbal lemon-like note. It’s like lemon balm beefed up and on steroids. It reminds me a bit of freshly zested ginger root. The fragrance then gets very vetiver, reminding me of the freshness of Guerlain Vetiver. Here comes the shiso! Shiso has a very interesting aroma that’s green and fruity, like a cinnamony, lemony mint. (I make a shiso vodka that has this similar flavor). Wasabi Shiso is sunny, fresh, and invigorating.  It’s a kick, an energy drink for my nose. The scent then becomes a smooth woodsy but crisp vetiver fragrance. The dry down is earthy. It’s dirty, earthy patchouli and Mysore sandalwood.

Wasabi Shiso is an interesting fragrance and I have nothing else like it. It’s a fresh spicy green fragrance. The fragrance transforms but isn’t necessarily smooth, it rides a bit like a roller coaster,  but that is what makes it fun. One minute you get a punch of wasabi and citrus and the next you get this earthy patchouli. It is sooo long wearing. I’m talking 12+ hours of wear.

Notes listed include: shiso, wasabi, yuzu, bergamot, holy basil, pittosporum, Russian rose absolute, Brazilian vetiver, elemi gum, Mysore sandalwood, patchouli.

Like I said, Wasabi Shiso is unlike any other perfume that I have, but give it a try if you like fresh citrus fragrances or perfumes like Smell Bent Tokyo Mama, Origins Ginger Essence, Guerlain Vetiver, Saffron James Ume, and/or Jack Black Blue Mark.

This fragrance is on sale because it is a “fond farewell”. This actually makes me sad because this fragrance is unique. I got my roller-ball for $12! Get this while you can at DSH Perfumes.

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