Benefit Maybe Baby Perfume Review

I like Benefit Maybe Baby because it’s so “out of character” for me. It’s this girly-girl, playful fruity-floral fragrance. The name is silly and it’s so weird that I like it.

Maybe Baby opens with a burst of fuzzy apricot and a tangy white ginger. The heart is a peachy-fresh white floral with greenery and bergamot. It eventually dries down to a floral musk.


The bottle is a strange shape (a.k.a. uncomfortable to hold)  and has stupid little sayings all over it that I guess are supposed to make me feel good about being frivolous. It’s an EDT but I think it wears more like an EDP.

It is available on Benefit’s website.

*Product pic from the brand. Product purchased by me.

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  1. […] Benefit Maybe Baby EDT – OK, I’ve always liked this one and I still like this one. I’m craving this flirty apricot floral that borders on being ditzy. It may be fleeting but that’s why it is fun! And it looks like Benefit may be discontinuing this one which is a shame because it is the only thing that Benefit has going for them in the perfume department. Here’s my old review. […]

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