Dorian + Dahl Killer Cupcake Perfume Oil review

Dorian + Dahl Killer Cupcake perfume

I have survived the Dorian + Dahl Killer Cupcake of 2012.

Killer Cupcake is like methadone for junk food addicts. It’s sweet, sweet, sweet. It opens with a cherry cola effervescence! I get birthday cake with vanilla buttercream. There is a hint of cool spice. But, mostly I get cake, frosting and sprinkles.

Will everyone like this fragrance? Hell no. It makes Aquolina Pink Sugar seem as a sweet as as sour apple. However, there are people out there that would bathe in frosting if they could. And you know what? I don’t judge them. I’ve had weirder friends, but that’s another post. I like the aroma of a store bought birthday cake. Why? Because I associate it with a special occasions. The other reason? Scandal. In my house, eating a store bought cake over a homemade cake was scandalous. Why would you do such a thing? Well, it wasn’t because it tasted better; it was because it shook the family norms. Growing up with liberals, you need ammunition like that in your life.

cupcake royale
If you're ever in Seattle, visit one of the many Cupcake Royale locations 😉

Notes listed include chocolate cake, cardamom, cherry cola, vanilla buttercream, and ginger.

Give Killer Cupcake a try if you like super sweet smells. Or if you like perfumes like Aquolina Pink Sugar. Remember the Tutti Dolci line that was one sold at Bath & Body Works? If you do and you remember liking that stuff, then you’re going to flip out for this perfume.

And like I have said before with this line – they are original creations that aren’t repackaged. And they have a nice feel as an oil. They aren’t greasy or sticky.

The 8ml roll-on retails for $12.50 at Dorian +Dahl’s etsy shop.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONMethadone for junk food addicts – sweet vanilla buttercream with cherry cola. This isn’t a perfume for everyone (no perfume is for everyone!) but if you love sweet, buy it.

*Diclaimer – Sample provided by Dorian + Dahl. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Dorian + Dahl. Cupcake Royale pick from Kevin at Seattle Findwell. 

2 thoughts on “Dorian + Dahl Killer Cupcake Perfume Oil review

  1. Even though I’m not interested in this perfume, I LOVED your review and your commentary about the store bought cake. A great review with great advice–wear what you like!

    And this reminds me that I have clicked on that link you provided me to Komforte chocolates so many times last week, putting both the lime and tortilla and the ramen noodle bars in my shopping cart, then emptying it and clicking away. I think today I’m just going to order the damn things. Lime, salt, tortilla chips and chocolate just seems too good a combo to pass up. 🙂

    1. This one isn’t “me” but it is for somebody. I have a girlfriend that flipped for this, but she likes stuff like Pink Sugar. Super sweet stuff makes her happy and that is what fragrance is about.

      I’m a bit of a Komforte pusher. Seriously. I buy them at the grocery and send them to people that can’t pick them up at the grocery in their town. I didn’t look at the shipping on their site, but if you ever need a “care package”, email me.

      The tortilla ones are awesome. My favorite. The ramen is awesome too, like a really great Crunch bar. Oh, and the French Toast is really good too, so savory.

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