Donna Karan Woman EDP Perfume Review

Donna Karan Woman

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I can’t find info on Donna Karan Woman perfume on Donna Karan’s website but I pulled this from Sephora (they usually use the copy by the brand):

A fragrance created for women, by women, to celebrate the inspirational, multifaceted women among us: sensual and nurturing mothers, wives, lovers, and friends. A woman is not one thing or another, but everything all at once. Whatever age or race, women are beautiful, embracing their femininity with conviction. The creamy, key notes of orange blossom, sandalwood, and Haitian vetiver express the softness and strength of a woman, exemplifying heart, soul, and beauty—discover the fragrance inspired by all that a woman is.

Puke-o-rama. Did you know that women are multifaceted? Did you know that women are sensual and nurturing mothers? Did you know that women are attractive despite their race or age? Well, now you know. And to think that this was written in 2012 and not 1972…

Donna Karan Woman opens as a soapy orange blossom. I get the vetiver right away. It wears as an abstract clean vetiver with the faintest hint of florals. It reminds me of a mix of Ormonde Jayne Zizan and Balenciaga L’Essence. It dries down to a clean musk and sandalwood with a smokier vetiver. It’s a rather linear fragrance – fresh and clean and all of that.

I find it interesting that a perfume “inspired by all that a woman is” from a mainstream designer comes across as extremely androgynous, bot unisex, but androgynous. Actually, I find this to be a good thing but it’s still surprising.

Peggy Moffitt

Notes listed include orange blossom, sandalwood and Haitian vetiver. Launched 2012. PERFUMER – Anne Flipo – FYI – Bottle designed by architect Zaha Hadid. By women for women…

Give Donna Karan Woman a try if you like soapy, clean vetivers. Or if you like perfumes like Ormonde Jayne Zizan, Belnciaga L’Essence, Kiehl’s Forest Rain (RIP), Dior Fahrenheit 32, Prada Infusion d’Iris EDP and/or Chantecaille Vetyver. Don’t let the name persuade you. This fragrance is completely unisex…androgynous really.

Projection and longevity are average.

Donna Karan Woman comes in 2 sizes with prices ranging from $85-$115 at Sephora and Harrods (UK).

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONInoffensive androgynous clean sandalwood-vetiver. Personally, I don’t see myself wearing this but I do think it is good. It’s a seamless vetiver that would work in numerous environments. I do like the talon/vulva bottle thing. Donna Karan always has great bottles.

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