Dita Von Teese EDP Perfume Review

Dita von Teese Perfume

Celebrity scents have been catapulted at us for the past decade. Department store perfume counters had dedicated half of their stock to celebrities that most of us folks over the age of 28 have never heard of. Even outside of the perfume community, I would hear people complain about cookie-cutter celebrity perfumes. Over the past few years, “celebrities” have moved on to owning vineyards and launching energy drinks, so the perfume world should rejoice. I honestly don’t think that any of us were anti-celeb perfume, we were anti-garbage. The quality of these perfumes, not the endorsers, were what made the perfume world cantankerous. When I would ask my friends, “Which celebrity do you wish would launch a perfume?”, I noticed that two women were always on the top of the list: Dita von Teese and Bjork.

When I heard Dita von Teese was launching a perfume, of course, I was curious. I had read interviews with her before and I was impressed by her perfume knowledge and personal collection. Being a sensualist, Dita values perfume. I tried not to get my hopes up, as this is still a celeb fragrance, not a collaboration with a niche line like Etat Libre d’Orange or Comme des Garçonnes.

Dita Von Teese opens as a spicy floral with dry pink peppercorns and a dewy peony. Dita has been on record saying that she was actively involved in the creation and artistic direction of this perfume. She has went out of her way to claim that nothing about this fragrance would be sweet “No fruit, no vanilla, no candy!“*. And even though I rather appreciate fruit and vanilla in perfume (waving to Guerlain Shalimar and Rochas Femme), I can say this perfume doesn’t have that usual celeb-o scent thing going on. However, I do find it to be a sweet floral. The heart is a big bundle of sweet white florals – tiare, orange blossoms and jasmine with a hefty dose of grape jelly. It’s not cupcakes or sugar but it is a sweeter floral. And we sort of expect a “sweetness” with white florals. The dry-down is smoky woods and musk with the perfect amount of smoldering florals. See, this is what the base that Tom Ford Shanghai Lily should have had!

Overall, I like the fragrance but instead of reminding me of classic glamour or sensuality that is more in line with Dita’s aesthetic, I’m reminded of classics from the 80’s such as Cacharel LouLou. And honestly, I wish the market had more releases done in this powerhouse style, you know, perfume-perfumes. I will say that I expected something a little “dustier” and more 40’s era as Dita’s “signature”, but I’ve left my expectations at the door. For a perfume created by a burlesque star with a huge fan base, this perfume is perfect. This is how non-burlesque stars would think a burlesque star *should* smell like. And this is how the dames with the Bettie bangs and red lipstick pouts want to smell…while being on a budget. It’s more palatable to a wider audience that a dusty, Caron-ish fragrance. In my opinion, from scent to packaging, the execution of this perfume is excellent…just don’t get me started on distribution.

Dita von Teese

Notes listed include bergamot, peony, Bourbon pepper, Bulgarian rose, Tahitian tiare flower, jasmine, incense, patchouli, musk, guaiac wood and sandalwood. Launched 2011. PERFUMER – Nathalie Lorson

Give it a try if you like big, bombastic florals. Or if you like perfumes like Tom Ford Violet Blonde, Elie Saab EDP, Dior Poison, Cacharel Lou Lou, Histoires de Parfums Tubereuse 2 Virginale, Comme des Garcones Daphne and/or Caron Pour Une Femme.

Projection and longevity are average. I find that one spray is enough to please me.

Now let’s talk about packaging. The packaging is exceptional, especially for the price. And I knew when Dita made a fragrance that there would be no penny pinching in the packaging department. I own the tassel “dagger” bottle. The perfume is available in 3 sizes but I recommend the smallest size. I am not a fan of atomizers as they evaporate. Yeah, they look amazing on your waterfall vanity but when purchasing keep in mind that ALL bulb atomizers will evaporate quicker than perfume bottles without them. Now if you want a pretty vintage-inspired bulb atomizer, go for it. Using a bulb atomizer will boost your glamour points by at least 40%.

In the U.S., Dita von Teese fragrances are available at HSN. Yes, HSN. The perfumes come in three sizes with prices ranging from $30-$75.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONSweet jasmine and peony over smoky incense. Brings to mind bombastic 80’s feminine powerhouse scents but more marketable for today’s glamour-seeking audience. One of the best smelling “celebrity” scents out there. It’s really good especially when you consider the price.

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 *Bottle obtained by me. Product pic is mine. Dita von Teese pic is from her Target campaign in Australia (why was that not in the U.S.??) from

16 thoughts on “Dita Von Teese EDP Perfume Review

  1. I enjoyed reading your review of the original Dita Von Teese scent and thanks for the linkage to my post on it. The packaging is phenomenal for the price, I agree – I think my bottle cost me about £11 online! I have a sample of Shanghai Lily hopefully on its way to me, so will be interested to see what I make of the base, and whether I feel it falls short in the way you describe.

    Oh, and I am now interested in acquiring Erotique, which the Candy Perfume Boy gave me a sniff of the other week – a lovely, faintly spicy woody oriental, as I recall.
    Vanessa recently posted..‘Oh Sienna!’ Lidl Suddenly Diamonds review: a BOSS Orange dupe for a Paltrow sum

    1. I can’t really think of a better bottle in this price range. I would love to try the others, yep, Thomas makes me want to try that one too! The problem is that I can’t smell these in person and I hate blind-buying.

      Shanghai Lily isn’t a bad fragrance, just wanted more from it because of the price. Many people seem to love it. I think Robin at NST wasn’t impressed by it either. Can’t wait to hear your impressions!

  2. I have a sample of this perfume and I think I even tried it at some point… But I don’t remember anything about the scent. I should probably try it: it’s a cute bottle.
    Undina recently posted..Chasing Daphne

    1. The packaging of these are really cute. I think this is the prettiest one out of the trio but I haven’t seen the other 2 in person.

    1. When blind-buying, I was not attracted to the Erotique bottle. The heart lock and key…an oddly Bieber-ish touch.

  3. Way belated with my blog reading, but thanks for linking, and glad to hear you liked this too. I have yet to try Erotique (that distribution is nuts), but wondering if it might be the dustier, sexier end of the spectrum. This one is more “pretty” to me than “sexy.” That said, I do like it, and am on my second bottle.

    1. I’m soo behind on blog reading. Better late than never, right?

      Don’t even get me started on distribution. It’s whack.

      I do think CdG Daphne is a “sexier” version of this – white florals and incense. But, like sexy-campy, which I like.

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