Demeter Beet Root Pick-Me-Up Cologne Review

Demeter Beetroot

Beet Root is one my favorite Demeter fragrances. It is exactly what it says it is, a beet root. It is dirty and earthy. It is dead on fresh from the Farmer’s Market, covered in dirt and earth beet root. I feel like I can smell the individual dirt granules. After it dries down a bit, you can smell a hint of the bitter fresh, greens. It is bitter, dirty, and earthy. It isn’t stale or dry but more “wet” and alive/fresh/new. If you want to know what this fragrance smells like plant plant some beets, wait a few months, and pull them out of the ground one dewy morning. Or if you’re like me and too lazy to do that. Go to the Farmer’s Market and choose the most gnarly, huge and filthy beet they have and hold it up to your nose and breathe in. This is it. This fragrance is lovely alone and I find it so comforting. It’s a rustic smell that I crave. Maybe I need the iron:) I highly recommend this fragrance to anyone that loves dirty, natural or unusual fragrances. I love it and next time I am going to buy the 4 ounce spray. I love to wear it, spray it on my linens or spray it in the air. It’s funny but it smells so “real” that sometimes I get a little nervous feeling spraying it on my skin or white linens. It is like my nose can’t communicate to my brain that it is synthetic and then I think it is real and going to stain my sheets or skin a pink-ish beet red. But, it doesn’t and I love it. I can smell it on my skin up to a few hours after spraying it, making it pretty long lasting for Demeter.

A 1 oz. spray retails for $20. Other sizes are available. It is available at Demeter.

*Product pic from Demeter.

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