Diptyque Eau Rose EDT Perfume Review

Diptyque Eau Rose perfume

It surprises me that Diptyque didn’t already have a rose personal fragrance. It seems like something they would have launched years ago. Haven’t they had their Roses candles forever? Well, rose is really trendy right now and Diptyque finally launched their rose perfume. The copy on the website is a bit meaningless: “A totally new fragrances that pays tribute to the queen of flowers, the rose…it was only a matter of time before Diptyque decided to showcase the rose.” I get the impression they really didn’t have anything to say other than “we didn’t have a rose perfume, we felt we needed a rose perfume“. And “a matter of time“? Diptyque, It’s been about 50 years!

Eau Rose is a fruity rose. It opens with citrus aldehydes and yummy black currant. The rose is green and dewy. I pick up on a delicate peony. The fragrance has a sheerness that keeps this “classic” rose from smelling like other rose perfumes that one may consider old-fashioned. The heart is a lush, fresh tea rose climbing up a trellis. And yes, tea rose has a tendency to bounce into old-fashioned territory so I guess it depends on what you consider old-fashioned. The dry-down is a clean white musk with a honeyed rose. As one would expect, Eau Rose is a rose perfume.

Is Eau Rose a ground breaking perfume? No. Rose perfumes are a dime a dozen. Many of us are familiar with fruity roses or green roses. However, Eau Rose is well-done. If you are looking for a sheer, fresh, pretty rose and don’t have one in your collection, try Eau Rose.

Jean Simmons

Notes listed include bergamot, black currant, Centofolia rose, Damask rose, white musk and cedar.

Give Eau Rose a try if you like green rose fragrances. Or if you like perfumes like Juliette Has a Gun Miss Charming, Gucci Flora EDT, YSL Paris, Caron Delire de Rose, Penhaligon’s Elisabethan Rose, and/or Pacifica Persian Rose EDT. I find Eau Rose to be a feminine rose. Rose is a very seasonless note to me. However, this is an EDT. I can see people wanting to wear it on warm spring days or in the summer. It’s rose, but it’s not a heavy rose.

Projection and longevity are average for an EDT. You can get more projection with more sprays.

The 3.4 oz spray retails for $98. Diptyque Eau Rose can be purchased at BeautyhabitNordstrom and Harrods (UK).

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONFruity green rose. It’s nothing special but it is good for a fruity green rose. It only took Diptyque about 50 years to launch a fruity green rose.

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*Sample given to me by a fellow fume addict and pusher. Product pic from Fragrantica. Jean Simmons pic from Post contains affiliate links. Thanks!

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