Demeter Suntan Lotion Pick-Me-Up Cologne Review

Demeter Suntan Lotion

Here’s another Demeter PMU Cologne Spray that I thought I reviewed. Well, my thoughts were wrong. I haven’t. On this scorching hot day when I wish I was by the pool, I’m going to review Demeter Suntan Lotion. Demeter Suntan Lotion Cologne is a fun scent for summer or a fun scent to sniff when you long for summer. This isn’t your “typical” suntan perfume. I mean that this isn’t coconuts and piña coladas. This is is old-school suntan lotion. I’m talking about one of my favorite sun products: Bain de Soleil.

So, if you are looking for creamy coconut or something that smells like cocoa butter, then this is not the fragrance for you. This is for those that want a bit of coconut oil mixed with heady white florals like jasmine, orange blossom, and gardenia. The scents of Bain de Soleil Orange Gelee or old school Coppertone. This cologne spray is incredibly “heady”. It’s like the “high pitch” note of fragrance. It’s hissy. These heady florals in an alcohol base are very strong at first. Don’t sniff it immediately or it will knock you down.  After a few minutes, the fragrance mellows out. Sniff now. You get orange blossom, jasmine, and manoï. It’s a sexy tropical floral. It’s the perfume you find in those retro tanning lotions. Now we know better than to tan 🙂

Deborah Kerr
Miss Deborah Kerr

I have to admit that I purchased this EDT unsniffed. And I was wanting something that reminded me of a piña colada. I was disappointed. But, not entirely disappointed because I like old school Bain de Soleil and products like it. I like this fragrance but rarely wear it. I guess I feel like if I want to smell like suntan lotion then I’ll wear suntan lotion. Oh, well. But, I admit that I do like this fragrance has a home scent. I can’t slather my home in suntan lotion. This fragrance wears on me for maybe 30 minutes. It’s an orange blossom cologne spray. This is not a recipe for lasting power.

An 1 oz. cologne spray retails for $20. Other sizes are available on Demeter’s website.

FYI: Ughh, today has been so frustrating. It’s 93°, no A/C. My server has been down all day due to an unexpected increase in traffic. My washer overfilled. And I found Frink chewing on the sofa. Well, I’m still hot; however, the server issue has been resolved and I apologize. I am so sorry! I mopped up the water in the basement. And I’ll get Frink the Frug back by giving him a bath. He hates baths. Bahahaha.

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7 thoughts on “Demeter Suntan Lotion Pick-Me-Up Cologne Review

  1. I love the smell of Bain de Soleil! My older and glamourous sister used it, and when I was a young teen I coveted it! I don’t even tan..I burn!

    Sounds like you had a crazy day yesterday, between the heat, the server, the washer and Mr. Frink. Hope you had a better one today.

    Did Frink love his bath?

    1. My grandmother, mother, all the women in the family used Bain de Soleil. In the summer they always had that greasy “orange” glow. They are all much darker than me and never burn. (I’m convinced I’m adopted). The women in my family also wear bright orange lipstick (I still hear about this discontinued shade of Charles of the Ritz lipstick) and Cornsilk Bronzer. This all fits with a heady orange blossom fragrance 🙂
      Frink hates baths. He’s traumatized but he deserves it. Plus, he needed to be cooled down.

  2. Bain de Soliel is so nostalgic for me too! It reminds me of summers as a kid too. All the women in my family used this! We didn’t know tanning was so bad back then.

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