Demeter Pick-Me-Up Cologne Incense Review

Demeter Incense cologne

I love the smell of incense and I have my favorites. I like the “hippie” scents even though I am not a hippie and typically don’t like the same things that they do. I love incense but hate buying it. Thank goodness for the Internet. I was sick of visiting the creepy crystal lady.

Anyways, Demeter Incense is a very pleasant and nice fragrance. It is warm and sweet and not smoky or spicy. It isn’t Nag Champa or frankincense. It is very soft in an amber resin way and is almost vanilla-ish. (It isn’t too vanilla sweet and it definitely is not a cupcake by a long shot.) It isn’t a headshop and doesn’t smell like Dragon’s Blood or whatever. It isn’t heavy. It is light and very resiny. Demeter incense uses Copal. The Demeter website says,

Demeter’s Incense is centered on a unique core of Copal. Copal is a type of resin produced by plant or tree secretions, particularly identified with the forms of aromatic tree resins used by the cultures of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica as a ceremonially burned incense, as well as for a number of other purposes.
More generically, the term copal is now also used to describe resinous substances in an intermediate stage of polymerization and hardening between more viscous and ‘gummy’ resins and amber.”

So that is why it is amber-ish but not dead on amber resin. This fragrance really wears nicely on skin and has a better than average lasting power compared to other Demeter scents.It’s available at Demeter. 

copal incense
Copal rocks!

*Product purchased by me. Product pic from the brand. Copal from

2 thoughts on “Demeter Pick-Me-Up Cologne Incense Review

  1. So I know that you posted this forever ago but I figured I’d respond anyway. I love this fragrance as well, however I thought it was really odd how Demeter claims this as a Copal based scent. As someone whom has actually made incenses with real Copal of many varieties I can tell you that true Copal is nothing at all like this scent.

    However, your review of the fragrance is spot on. I felt its sweetness made it a bit too feminine for me so I layer it with their Sandalwood spray and it is AWESOME! You should try it sometime. 😆

    1. I did write this sometime ago. Since then, I’ve started playing around and making my own incense too (non-combustibles) and you’re right, nothing like the real deal.

      Now, I’m curious as to what you’re making. I haven’t dabbled into the combustible world.

      It is super sweet, but I like that sometimes. Will try it with the sandalwood!

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