Demeter Pick-Me-Up Cologne Almond Review

Demeter Almond

Recently I have realized that there are so many Demeter fragrances that I haven’t reviewed, many are my favorites. I guess I thought that since they are “singular” scents that there isn’t much to review. Well, I’m reviewing them anyway.

Demeter Almond is beautiful and simple. I love almond scents because they remind me of fancy Italian soaps. I love the sweet tartness of almond scents used in European toiletries. Demeter is less soapy than the almond products that I use. This is why I like Demeter Almond better. Demeter Almond smells like when you first squeeze a tube or open a can of almond paste. It is wonderful and gourmand! Spritzing on Demeter Almond makes me happy because it reminds me of making frangipanes. This means that I’m usually in a good mood and I have time on my hands. If you’ve sniffed almond paste before then you’ve sniffed Demeter Almond.

The wear is what you’d expect from Demeter being that they are a cologne company. I think Almond wears longer than about 80% of the others I’ve tried in the house. I’ve been through 3 bottles (3 oz.) of Almond. This is how much I like the comforting scent of almonds.

Give this cologne a try if you are looking for the comforting almond scent of almond paste or if you like almond scents like Laura Mercier Almond Coconut, Acqua di Parma Sicilian Almond, Provence Sante Sweet Almond,  Burberry Brit, and/or Crazylibellule & The Poppies Vanille Macarons Solid Perfume. Keep in mind that Demeter Almond PMU Cologne is much more simple that those mentioned. I can see liking this Demeter Almond if you like the “foodiness” of these other almond heavy perfumes. I’ve layered Demeter Almond over a few of these scents to “intensify” the almond note. I do see this as an unisex cologne. It’s just almonds.

Many sizes are now available. An 1 ounce cologne spray retails for $20. It is available on Demeter’s website.

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*Product purchased by me. Product pic from Demeter.

5 thoughts on “Demeter Pick-Me-Up Cologne Almond Review

    1. I like to wear it as a “bedtime” scent too. It’s so comforting and delicious. And it doesn’t matter about the lasting power if I’m supposed to be in Snoozeville.
      And I love your blog! I’m still looking for that L’Oreal liquid lip color and matching blue lip liner 🙂

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