Demeter Iris Fragrance Review


Demeter Iris CologneIs Demeter Iris the best iris? No. But, it’s affordable and makes a nice room spray. Surround yourself with irises any time of the year.

Iris is synthetic and cool smelling. Almost like leathery, earthy root. Within a few more minutes I get something sweeter and more floral, reminding me of sugared violets, sweet and powdery but green. Hmm…a little Guerlain-ish. In about 10 more minutes, it goes back to being earthy, but a floral iris. And in 30 minutes, it’s completely and totally gone. This is why I use Iris as a room spray. It’s too simple for something that I’d like to wear on my body and the lasting power is that of a cologne, makes a better room spray.

Georgia O'Keeffe Drawing X 1959 at Moma

So, if you like iris and for some reason feel the need to impulsively purchase something, then try Demeter’s Iris. If you appreciate synthetic and cold iris scents, then try this. Think of it as a very poor lasting CdG. Now if you want an amazing iris scent that lasts, go out and buy Dior Homme.

Is Iris the most interesting Demeter fragrance? No. If you want fun, go for Beetroot, Gingerale, Gin & Tonic, something like that.

Demeter Iris comes in a variety of sizes with prices ranging from $6-$40. It’s available at Demeter’s on-line boutique. 

Product picture from Demeter. Goergia O’Keeffe “Drawing X” 1959 from MOMA.

6 thoughts on “Demeter Iris Fragrance Review

  1. I stopped buying Demeter. Not becuase they are bad, but becuase they don’t last. I want to save my money up for somethiing that I don’t have to spray every 10 minutes.

  2. Old-fashioned irises, the tall purple ones, sometimes smell a little like grape. That’s what I get on the dry down on this Demeter. It is one of the more fleeting ones. I apply them over unscented body lotion and they do seem to last longer this way.

    1. I do like it. I think it’s pretty for the money. And it’s subtle enough to be OK to reapply throughout the day.

      I actually added this to a bath salt and it stuck to the mixture! It’s a very good use of the fragrance.

  3. I bought the splash of this because it’s cheap. It isn’t bad at all. It smells good. It’s a synthetic iris but it smells good. It doesn’t last on my skin very long. I think it would make a better linen spray.

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