Demeter Gingerale Pick-Me-Up Cologne Fragrance Review

Demeter Gingerale Review

EauMG hasn’t wrote a review for Demeter Gingerale?! What?! I really thought that I did this like 2 years ago. Oh, well, looks like I haven’t. This is one of my favorite Demeter Pick-Me-Up Colognes. It smells just like gingerale. It’s effervescent, gingery, and sweet. It is so exhilirating.

I usually don’t wear ginger fragrances. I like ginger perfumes, but they don’t wear “right” on me. They smell better on other people. Demeter Gingerale is a ginger that I can wear. If you hold this stuff right under your nose and sniff, I swear you can “sniff” carbonation or bubbles. It’s awesome.

I’ve been through a couple of these in my lifetime. This says something. Have you seen my collection? It’s amazing that I would ever finish a bottle. Even though I spritz most of it in the air as a room scent.

Like all Demeter fragrances, this one is short lived but it is so good while it is there. I’d love to have this as a top note in a more complex fragrance. It’s that charming.

A 1 oz. spray cologne retails for $20 at Demeter Fragrance.

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  1. 😀 Love LOVE this scent. It makes me smile. How on earth did you guys figure out how carbonation “smells”??? The first time I put it on, I shrieked, “I SMELL bubbles!” I was so tickled. My husband thought I was crazy until he smelled it too. 🙂
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