Deco London Loretta EDP Perfume Review

Deco London Loretta

Deco London is a brand of perfumes inspired by (you guessed it), London in the 1920’s. Loretta is a floral chypre inspired by a 1920’s era Bohemian. I find it to be a modern, musky white floral with an elegance that shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions.

Loretta opens as a heady, gilded floral. I mostly get a a delicate orange blossom and humid jasmine. At times, it’s like a fancy bar of French soap, other times it reminds me of actual jasmine blossoms on a humid day. The heart is a huge bouquet of flowers. The white florals are sweeter and waxier. The rose is crisp and green. Even though, it’s a bouquet, it’s not overwhelming. It’s a demure, elegant floral. The dry-down is that “modern chypre” of musk, vetiver and patchouli. The base is dry and crisp, accentuating the humid florals.

Loretta is the sort of perfume that would be good for “daily” wear. It’s pretty, pleasant and polished without feeling over the top (AKA it’s a floral that doesn’t wear you).

Dorothy Lamour

Notes listed include orange blossom, osmanthus, rose, jasmine, patchouli, moss, amber, musk, vanilla and vetiver. Launched in 2015.

Give Loretta a try if you like musky floral perfumes. Or perfumes like Ralph Lauren Notorious, Bond No. 9 Astor Place, Molton Brown Rosa Absolute, Jennifer Lopez Glowing, Tocca Cleopatra, Narciso Rodriguez for Her and/or Estee Lauder Modern Muse. 

Projection and longevity are average.

The 1.7 oz bottle retails for $120 at Indigo Perfumery or Deco London (UK). Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONHumid florals and musk. My description may not make this perfume sound terribly exciting but it’s a really well-done perfume. It’s the sort of thing you can spray on, smell good and not have to think about. I know that sounds “boring” but like the perfect shade of lipstick, these sort of perfumes are invaluable in our wardrobes.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Indigo Perfumery. Dorothy Lamour pic from

4 thoughts on “Deco London Loretta EDP Perfume Review

  1. I received a Loretta spray sample from Indigo a few months ago.
    I totally agree with your assessment- it is a daily go-to scent that I love to wear. I feel pretty in it and receive many compliments.
    Wearing funky or unusual fragrances is fun, but I don’t do it all the time. With Loretta, you can.

    1. It’s like having a versatile blouse or the perfect “my lips but better” lipstick shade. I like having things that are nice and I don’t have to “think about”.

  2. Thanks for a great description – I now realize that I prefer florals that wear me. Big, loud, over the top drag queen florals. What perfume did Ethel Merman wear?

    1. I have moods when I want that but I try to “play nice” when I work in an open floor plan. People are too dang sensitive 😉

      You know, I read somewhere she wore White Shoulders. I’ll try to see if I can find where I read that. I tried the new version of that last year and was surprised by how pretty it is for the $. I need to find a vintage bottle becase I bet it’s glorious!

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