Davidoff Cool Water for Women Perfume Review

The Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Fragrance

Davidoff Cool Water is the fragrance that defines the aquatic genre in my opinion. Since its release in 1997, this light and watery fragrance has been very popular.Who hasn’t tried Cool Water? Seriously. I felt like I’ve smelled this on so many ladies throughout the years. I’ve sniffed the men’s version on many guys over the years. People really love light and “clean” fragrances (or at least that was a trend). 

I don’t dislike Davidoff Cool Water for Women. I don’t love it. I never really liked the “aquatic” genre. I also think I am tired of this fragrance and most aquatic-florals in general (even though I predict a comeback of this genre in the mainstream in the next few years). That being said, I do think it is pleasant and if you want a fresh and clean fragrance, try Cool Water.

Cool Water is wet and refreshing from beginning to end. Even the clear crystal blue water drop like bottle is refreshing. At first this fragrance is very fresh. I get so much of that clean “ozone”. There’s so much fresh ozone that it kind of makes me dizzy like breathing oxygen from a tank. The ozone lingers around and melds with those feminine fruits that you find in many fruity-floral fragrances. They are the kind of fruits that you really can’t identify but you pick up on their freshness, sweetness, and how “watery” they are. It just smells juicy and sweet. Due to their water content, the closest thing I can compare it to is watermelon or cucumber, you know that fresh “cucumber melon” used in many fruity-florals. The ozone is crisp and cool, salty, and it covers the juicy water melon like fruits in a cloud. This is what makes Cool Water different than other fruity-floral perfumes. This ozone gives the feeling of freshness, the outdoors, and well, cool water. The ozone mixes with dainty lilies. Once again the lilies or flowers are generic. They are difficult to identify but they smell dainty and delicate. Their little white blossoms blow in the sea breeze. Their aroma mixes with the salt air. The dry-down continues to have that ozone/aquatic freshness. It smells of clean musk, ozone, and water fruits. It’s airy and manages to be sporty. It’s much less floral than other “aquatic” fragrances made for women. This one smells crisp and airy with marine accords and light, fresh musks. Fruits and flowers are in the blend but they seem to be riding on the breeze of what is Cool Water (those ozone notes). The entire fragrance is submerged in ozone accords.

Cool Water is a fantasy scent that I can appreciate because it delivers. From name, to the bottle, to the fragrance, it all creates an atmosphere, a climate. The place that Cool Water creates is pure, serene, and aquatic. It’s a laid-back place that rejuvenates the senses. It’s kind of like a vacation in a bottle. Cool Water really lives up to its image, name, and marketing. And somehow it manages to feel sporty because of the “masculine” aquatic notes and the no-fuss vibe. I can see this as a day time fragrance for women of all ages. It’s clean,fresh, and light. It’s also a refreshing summer fragrance. My compliant with the fragrance is how “sterile” it is. Its freshness and cleanness seem like “test-tube surf”. It’s just so darn clean and pure. This is why I don’t wear it.

Notes listed include: ozone, pineapple, melon, black currant, water lily, hawthorn, lily of the valley, jasmine, vetiver, sandal, peach, and blackberry.

Give this EDT a try if you like aquatic fragrances (this is the epitome of women’s aquatic) or if you like scents like CK One , Armani Acqua di Gio for Women, Cartier Eau de Cartier, Kenzo L’Eau par Kenzo, Comptoir Sud Pacifique Aqua Motu, Burberry Sport for Women, Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise Blue, Inis , Ralph Lauren Blue, and/or Reminiscence Eau de Rem.

These days Cool Water is available at most drugstores and discounters like FragranceX (with prices under $20!).



David Hockney, “A Bigger Splash”, 1967; Acrylic on canvas,

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9 thoughts on “Davidoff Cool Water for Women Perfume Review

  1. My best friend in high school wore this! I can barely remember the actual smell of the fragrance. I remember how much I liked it on her!

    1. You should give it a try and see what you think of it these days 🙂 I know what you mean. Many of my friends wore fragrances that I can’t “remember”, but I remember it smelling like them!

  2. Not one of my favorite fragrances but they did something right. This was one popular fragrance. People loved the marketing, the freshness, and I think it was popular too because it was a “his and hers” fragrance. Guys go to buy their S.O. a fragrance and went for something familiar. They know the blue bottle.

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