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Creed Fantasia de Fleurs EDP Perfume Video Review

Creed Fantasia de Fleurs is a rich floral fragrance originally created in 1862. Creed describes the perfumes as

Fantasia de Fleurs is an intoxicating stroll through the secret garden of the queen’s inner court. The scent is a luxurious floral bouquet that evokes Empress Sissi (of Austria-Hungary), a woman widely renowned for her exceptional beauty, taste and refinement.

It took Miss Sissi 3 hours each day to get her hair did. She even bedazzled her floor length hair. Fantasia de Fleurs is one of those perfumes that does smell prissy and refined. Every time I wear this, my husband says “You smell rich”. And I agree. It smells expensive. This is one that I wear when I want to feel special. To put it bluntly, this is my snobby fragrance.

At first spritz (multi-spritzes in my case), Fantasia de Fleurs opens up with a bit of tarteness. It’s that distinct citrus bergamot that is rich, not fresh, that I sniff frequently in amber perfume blends. This fades rather quickly. There’s a bold jasmine. This opening could be considered “loud” by some folks. With time, Fantasia softens. I get rose and iris. On me, the iris is dry, powdery.  The perfume is pretty. Fantasia de Fleurs has this interesting thing going on. It’s this yin-yang of sweet, dainty florals and raunchy, fecal civet. I love it. The dry-down keeps the floral but adds this salty, warm animalic amber and muskiness. The perfume is very long wearing and with the way I wear it, it has major sillage.

Lillian Russell in hat

Notes listed include bergamot, Bulgarian rose, Florentine iris, and ambergris infusion.

Give Fantasia de Fleurs a try if you like rich “classic” floral fragrances like Patou Joy, Estee Lauder Beautiful, Arquiste Infanta En Flor, Ungaro Diva, and/or Quelques Fleurs Royale. I think of Fantasia de Fleurs as one of Creed’s strongest and best feminines.

The 2.5 oz spray retails for $240 and the 8.4 oz. flacon retails for $380. These are available at Creed. I did see it on Fragrancenet heavily discounted.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA beautiful balance of proper florals and raunchiness. This smells expensive and luxurious to me. It’s a bit big, but that’s why it is wonderful.

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*Product pic from Creed. Lillian Russell pic from Fragrancenet is an affiliate link. Thanks!

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  1. I’m not a Creed person but I want to try this. I find most of the Creeds, the one’s for women, too watery/weak.

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