CREED Bois du Portugal EDP Perfume Review

Creed Bois du Portugal

I talked my husband into wearing CREED Bois du Portugal and he hated it. He seriously whined like a little baby for hours over this one. He kept saying that it smelled of “stomach churning embalming fluid” and even used my most despised phrase in perfume speak: “old lady”. Sniffing it on him, it smelled wonderful. I really do not know what all the fuss was about. He later scrubbed it off the skin because it made him “nauseous”. Sometimes husbands just don’t understand.

Now let’s let a perfume blogger take the wheel…

Bois de Portugal opens as an old-school masculine with sharp lavender and citrus. And then dries down to this amazing woodsy sandalwood. It wears as amber-smoothed woods with moss and a salty vetiver.

Yes, Bois du Portugal smells old-fashioned in comparison to current masculine launches (and is nothing like CREED Aventus). But, that’s why I like it. I like these 80’s powerhouse masculines. I would so rather smell this on my S.O. than something like Aventus. But, as you know, I like these sort of scents. But, my husband doesn’t.

Dick Powell

Notes listed include bergamot, lavender, cedar, Mysore sandalwood, vetiver, and ambergris. Launched 1987. PERFUMEROlivier Creed

Give Bois du Portugal a try if you like classic masculines. Or if you like fragrances like Haltson Z-14, Guerlain Heritage, Parfums de Nicolai New York and/or Chanel Egoiste. I view this as a masculine fragrance. And as a more “mature” fragrance.

Projection and longevity are above average.

The 2.5 oz spray retails for $275 at Nordstrom. It can sometimes be found at discounters like 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONManly. In that old-school way. Smells like a sugar daddy. And at almost $300 for 2.5 oz, sugar daddies are probably the only ones wearing this. Because my non-sugar daddy husband isn’t wearing it.

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*Sample obtained by me. And yes, it’s a manufacturer’s sample given to me by a CREED SA at Nordstrom. Product pic from Creed. Dick Powell pic from Post contains affiliate links. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “CREED Bois du Portugal EDP Perfume Review

  1. That’s how my husband acted about Knize Ten. It smelled wonderful on him. I’ve tried so many. The only fragrance he’ll wear is Bulgari Black.

    1. Husbands just don’t understand…I love Knize Ten too. I should see if David will wear it.

      So, David’s perfume of choice is Bulgari Black 🙂 And I like that one too.

  2. If you like Bois De Portugal , try Pierre Cardin . You will be shocked at the similarities. The price difference makes it hard to buy Bois De Portugal.

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