Crazylibellule & The Poppies Presque Nue Solid Perfume Review

I can’t stop buying these little things. My most recent addition is apart of the Les Divines Alcôves Presque Nue: In the Nude Almost. It comes in the classic little paper, travel ready tube. But, this tube is a soft robin’s egg blue with adorable poppies all over it. I love the solid formula because it really sticks with my skin and has a very light, intimate fragrance. Presque Nue is a soft white musk. It claims to have lots of other notes such as bergamot (what fragrance blend doesn’t have bergamot?), ylang-ylang, jasmine, sandalwood and other stuff. Trust me. All you are really going to smell is a classic, light, clean white musk. Yes, it is synthetic smelling. White musk isn’t a naturally occurring note. This is a very clean musk that doesn’t smell cheap. (No, I’m not talking to you Coty.) This musk manages to be very feminine, think Egyptian musk oil or Philosophy Amazing Grace, and it manages to be almost masculine due to its clean almost aquatic natures. It is soft and blends well with other florals. Especially, white florals. I really like this one. It is pretty simple but smells clean without being all Davidoff Cool Water.

Update: Product has been discontinued.

*Product pic from Beautyhabit.

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