Coty Sand & Sable Perfume Review

The Mainstream Monday: Sniffing A Popular Fragrance

This is one of my favorite drugstore “classic” fragrances ever. Coty’s Sand & Sable is one of the best tropical florals out there. And I would have to say that it is the best in the under $50 tropical floral group. It’s a beautiful fragrance that I feel is often overlooked because of its early 80’s launch date and its super-low price. Sometimes things sold at drugstores get ignored because they are seen as low-brow or of low quality. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hype and to forget about these fragrances.

Sand & Sable is everything “tropical”. This fragrance is a floral but it has fruity and musky notes. The heart of it is gardenia, tuberose, jasmine, and rose. You will smell these lush tropical flowers throughout the wear. At first spritz, it has a little coconut sweetness. I think it is more of a monoï because it is still very gardenia but with a piña colada richness. It’s creamy and comforting. I do get a faint “banana” with coconut too. The heart is the notes that I have previously listed. It is a tropical white floral bouquet.  On me, this floral blend wears much more gardenia, tuberose, and jasmine and not so much the rose. It’s a very heady white floral blend. It’s rich and romantic. There’s a warmth there that reminds me of these florals on the skin baking in the sun. It’s very va-va-voom on me. This tropical white floral mix wears on me for many, many hours. It does not wear like an EDT on me. It wears as more of an EDP or a pure parfum! I have to say this stuff is STRONG and a little bit goes and goes. Because of the crazy wild sillage, I can see how people can either love Sand & Sable or hate it.

If I ever go island hopping, I will bring Sand & Sable with me. (Along with Revlon lipstick in Kiss Me Coral and Sunsilk bronzer.  This sounds like my grandmother is doing my packing.) I just like the “island” vibe that Sand & Sable has. It’s all things summer rich like gardenia, coconut, and orange blossoms. I want to smell it mixed with hot sand and cool, salty breezes. But, Coty Sand & Sable is more than a beachy summer fragrance. Coty Sand & Sable is so creamy and rich that I wear it in the fall/winter too. This isn’t the best tropical white floral on the market, but I like it because of its price.

Notes listed include tuberose, gardenia, jasmine, rose, green notes, and peach.

Give this a try if you like rich gardenia/tropical gardenia scents or if you like Tommy Bahama for Her, Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia , Antica Farmacista Ala Moana, Kim Kardashian EDP, Estee Lauder Tuberose Gardenia, Robert Piguet Fracas, Memoire Liquide Fleur des Tropiques, Michael Kors EDP, and/or Villainess Dature Perfume Oil.


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Coty Sand and Sable is available at most drugstores. You may have to ask where it is, they often hide it. It can be found at discounters like FragranceX.

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