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Cosmedicine Opti-Mologist Eye Cream with Light Diffusers is Like Glue

I don’t like to go around dogging products but I really hated this stuff. We are entitled to our opinion, right? I got this stuff and I thought it was defective and that is never a good sign. I thought there is no way this is the stuff that lots of people are raving about. It felt like smearing super glue under my eyes. It wouldn’t absorb and was sticky. It would “tug” at my undereye area. I felt like I was creating wrinkles by using this. In fact, super glue would of felt better under my eyes. It wouldn’t of been so clumpy. It didn’t do anything that it claimed to do. Now that isn’t too much of surprise, many skincare items do not do what they claim. But, I was at least looking for something that made my skin feel and look better than using nothing at all. My skin felt better sans products. This product also had a strange chemical odor. I could put up with this if I felt like it was doing stuff. I felt it made my eyes puffy. It claims it is for sensitive skin, which it may be, but it isn’t for sensitive eyes. The chemical odor burned my eyes. I had to return this stuff. It was $45 and I have used concealer that got rid of more puffiness and wrinkles than this. In fact, a cool wash cloth feels better than this. And what the heck? “Light Diffusers”. I didn’t even see those in this product. Maybe I got a bad batch or something but I could not see any shimmer or anything. Oh, and try to put concealer over this stuff. Concealer stuck to the “patches” of this stuff. It was horrible. I don’t even want to think about it anymore.

Would of been a better investment.