Comme des Garcons PLAY Red EDT Perfume Review


When the new Comme de Garcons PLAY Series was launched, I had an opportunity to sniff these three new perfumes at Scent Bar. All of them caught my attention in the shop, but Red stood out to me the most. After returning home, I was able to sample these perfumes again without all the Beverly Hills glitz and glam. And I still liked them  because they’re good.

PLAY Red smells red. It opens with a spicy, fruity pepper with cinnamon candies. It’s energetic; the citrus is so juicy. The cherry in this is candied, reminds me Luden’s Cherry Cough Drops. With time I get a spicy osmanthus with sour cherry juice. There is a wonderful “leatheriness” to PLAY Red that reminds of cherry fruit leather. It’s not necessarily “leather” but it gives the “feel” of leather, that texture. This dries down to a stewed cherry-cinnamon resinous fragrance. It’s fun and it very much fits with the CdG line.

Cherry 2000 sexbot
My last hair inspiration BTW.

Notes listed include red mandarin, pink peppercorn, safraleine, red cherry accord, geranium, cinnamon, osmanthus, myrrh, and tolu balsam. Launch date 2012.

Give PLAY Red a try if you are looking for a cherry perfume for grown-ups or if you like perfumes like BLOOD Concept B, Ramon Monegal Cherry Musk, Rebel + Mercury Osmanthus Red, Etat Libre d’Orange Encens et Bubblegum, and/or Cartier Delices. It’s “camp” done right.

PLAY Red has above average projection and longevity for an EDT. It wears like an EDP.

The 3.4 oz EDP of CdG PLAY Red retails for $110 at Beautyhabit and Nordstrom. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONSpiced cherry. I love it. It’s fun. It’s possibly genius.

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*Borrowing this from a perfume pal. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks! Product pic from Blackbird. Cherry 2000 pic, one of the best movies ever IMO from Geek New Wave. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!


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  1. Yes! I agree. I liked the whole Play series but this one stood out for me as the most unusual and fun. Love the cherry!

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