Comme des Garcons PLAY Green EDT Perfume Review

Comme des Garcons PLAY Green perfume

I often describe scents as a color. Comme des Garcons Green in the PLAY Collection smells green.

Green opens as the best herb garden ever. I get cool mint, vivid lemon verbena, and a licorice-y basil. The addition of other “green” elements keep this fragrance from smelling too much like a dental hygiene product. The scent is cool to the skin and cool to the nose. This top burns off quickly; all mint in fragrances burns off quickly. Green starts to remind me of aromatic gin, sweet lime juice, and freshly cut grass. The scent starts to fall flat which I expect with green notes. The dry-down is slightly astringent with vetiver and cedar. The base is “woodsy green”. It’s still very nice at the base but not as “wow” as the rest of the wear of the fragrance.

Astrid Heeren 1965

Notes listed include mint, lime, juniper, basil, jasmine, mastic tree, ambrette, vetiver and cedar.

I was at Scent Bar right a week after these were launched. I sniffed all 3 and for some reason liked them.  I guess because $100 for 3.4 oz is a “steal”. And they’re playful. I was a little disappointed that the lady working there did not recommend Green to a young guy that came in that said, “I want something minty”. He ended up smelling Heeley Menthe Fraiche on a card and bought the bottle within 5 minutes of being in the boutique. Obviously, he is the type of man that falls for top notes. I wanted to recommend Green, but I didn’t. I didn’t need another person in the world thinking I’m a spaz even thought I am.  But, I want to recommend it now. If you want minty, try PLAY Green. Also try it if you are looking for a “modern” green. It’s unisex and awesome for warmer climates.

I find projection and longevity to be average. Many people have complained about how vapid this fragrance is. On me and in my milder climate, I get about 5 hours of wear which I’m very happy with. Most mint fragrances literally disappear on my skin within 30 minutes.

The 3.4 oz EDP of CdG Green retails for $110 at Beautyhabit and Nordstrom. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA fun, playful and modern “green” fragrance with mint, gin and vetiver. It’s fun. My complaint with so many fragrances is that they are taking themselves too seriously. Green isn’t.

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*Borrowing this from perfume pal, Brian. Product pic from Beautyhabit. Astrid Heeren pic from Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Comme des Garcons PLAY Green EDT Perfume Review

  1. I have always dismissed the coloured Play series, I’ll be sure to give this one a sniff!
    My only mint love is Dirty by Gorilla Perfume/Lush – have you tried that one? That one lasts like, all day… allllllll day. A huge stale spearmint with a load of herbs and mineralic notes – awesome.
    Lovely write up! Sounds like you should be working at the Scent Bar – that SA’s choice was too predictable 😛
    Smellythoughts recently posted..Etat Libre D’Orange – Don’t Get Me Wrong Baby (I Don’t Swallow) & Encens et Bubblegum

    1. Dirty is a great fragrance. I find it too “masculine” for me but I love it…use it as a room spray 😉

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