Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer Review

Wow. This is one hyped up product. And because of the hype, I have expectations. And I’m a super cynical skincare user. I don’t expect for products to actually work but I don’t expect for them, excuse me, to be ballsy enough to make such “serious” claims. Clinique went ballsy with their claims for Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer. They claim that this moisturizer, formulated for all skin types that desire an even skin tone, will “instantly brighten and clarify”. Instantly? And they later claim that one will see results in “4 to 6 weeks”. Hmm… suspicious, no?

I know skincare isn’t easy to review. Some things work for some people and some things don’t. I’m only providing my experience. If you’ve tried, please share yours 🙂

My experience – Upon first application, I thought “this feels, smells, and looks just like a Neutrogena sunscreen”. No instant results. And no long term ones either. I’ve been using this moisturizer for months during the day and my skin looks and feels exactly the same. This product has not magically rid my skin of discolorations or dark spots. My skin doesn’t feel soft or moisturized. I really can’t think of anything nice to say about this product other than it didn’t cause my skin to breakout. OK, and it didn’t leave a white-ish caste to my skin like many sunscreens do.

The formula & Packaging– This formula is thick, but not super heavy feeling. It’s difficult to blend. It is a white cream that smells like sunscreen, looks like sunscreen, because it is sunscreen. I actually tug my skin while trying to blend this product in. And why the heck doesn’t Clinqiue have ingredients listed on their website? I threw away the box with the ingredients listed. It irks me when companies do that. It’s very inconsiderate to the consumer. This moisturizer comes in a tub.

Who may like this moisturizer? If you are looking for a SPF 20 sunscreen for the face that doesn’t feel greasy, this would be a good option. But, it isn’t waterproof. I think this is an OK moisturizer for normal skins looking for a day time moisturizer with an SPF over 15. This is for a person looking for UVA/UVB protection that doesn’t leave a white-ish residue and wants to pay too much 😉

Who may not like this moisturizer? Me 🙂 It’s not that I hate this product. I just don’t like it as a moisturizer. I like it as a sunscreen, but look at that price! Anyways, if you want a creamy and smooth moisturizer, this isn’t it. And I think if you have oily or dry skin that you won’t like the texture. This product is expensive for what it is. And if you are cynical like me, you’ll be put off by the scammy claims.

I really think this is a bad product from Clinique. I had better luck using the City Block Oil-Free Face Protector in SPF 25 or 40 as a daily protective sunscreen. And those retail for $18 for 1.4 oz. and they are really good. Well, in my opinion.

The 1.7 oz. jar of Even Better retails for $42.50. It is available at Nordstrom.

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5 thoughts on “Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer Review

    1. CeraVe is the best moisturizer ever. I’m actually layering it under this pathetic Clinque Even Better!

      Do you like the Paula’s Choice line? I’ve made a list of things I’m going to order like BHA, toner, and day lotion when I run out (which will be in the next few weeks). I like her no bullshit approach.

  1. I have sensitive skin..

    When I tried the clinique moisturizer – I broke out in welts on my chin and nose….painful, dry and burning. The lady at the Clinique counter “convinced” me that I needed to stick with the moisturizer.

    The issue just compounded.

    The moisturizer is WAY too drying. So I stopped using it all

    I switched to Shielo’s Complexion Moisturizer, with the Shielo Anti-Aging Complexion Scrub (as my face wash) and within 2 days, I had NO itchy bumps on my forehead. The welts disappeared. I also had beautiful plump hydrated eyes.

    I ended up buying 2 more moisturizers and gifted one to my sister who now loves it! Shielo is “allergy tested, dermatologist recommended” products.

    Look at the ingredients…for one thing, Clinique does not list them online and are very reluctant to give out when you call….go with Shielo if you finally realize clique is not working out for you….

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