Clairvoyant Beauty Natural Perfume Review

Clairvoyant Beauty Perfume

Clairvoyant Beauty is a skincare line by Lexie Masterson, former actress and art historian that is obsessed with quality skincare. And like any wise spa brand they realized they needed a fine fragrance. The truth is that in the spa industry one is selling you a ritual, a way to relax and pamper yourself. A fragrance is a logical extension of the brand. Clairvoyant Beauty went the all-natural route inspired by Mandy Aftel of Aftelier.

Clairvoyant opens as tart and juicy with fruits and roses. At this stage it reminds me very much of Rooh Afza syrup (a fruity floral Middle Eastern summer beverage). It’s juicy citrus with a hint of pineapple layered over bitter white florals and fruity roses. The heart is lush, heady white florals with a kiss of sunshine. The dry-down is a “green tobacco”.

Rooh Afza

Notes listed include bergamot, lime, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, tobacco absolute,  fir absolute and green cognac.

Give this perfume a try if you like crisp florals. Or if you like perfumes like Anu Essentials Sita, Aftelier Candide, Esscentual Alchemy The Delicate Ones, House of Matriach Destiny and/or DSH Perfumes Rose Vert. Clairvoyant Beauty does smell like a natural fragrance and will most likely be appreciated by those that adore naturals.

This is an all-natural fragrance in a corn alcohol base. It wears closely to the skin so projection is below average. It also has below average longevity (3-4 hours) which is expected with natural perfumes.

Clairvoyant comes in a few sizes with prices ranging from $45-$125 at Clairvoyant Beauty.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONCrisp Rooh Afza fruity floral. It’s pretty and easy to wear. This perfume uses high quality ingredients and you can smell that. I like that you can get a bottle for under $50! (practically unheard of in the naturals world)

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*Here’s a recipe for Rooh Afza lemonade.

*Disclaimer – Product provided by Clairvoyant’s PR. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Clairvoyant Beauty. Roo Afza Lemonade from Jagran Post.

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    1. Naturals are super expensive because the ingredients are costly AND many of the people dealing in them work at an extremely small scale. I mean, I get why they’re expensive but I admit that with any perfume I must really, really love it before adding it to my collection. And then if they’re over $150, I think about that purchase months in advance.

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