Chidoriya Japanese Oil-Blotting Face Paper Review

My husband made a very special Beautyhabit order for me. To get free shipping he added these blotting sheets to the cart because “the packaging is cute”. I agree. I use blotting sheets daily ( less now that I’m using a Smashbox primer, but more of that later). I haven’t used Chidoriya blotting sheets before. I usually use Papier Poudré, Boscia, or budget sheets from Daiso.

Chidoriya is Japanese cosmetic company founded in 1949 in Kyoto to supply Maiko dancing girls and Geishas. Chidoriya Oil-Blotting Face Papers come in a small booklet that contains 30 sheets. The booklet is very flimsy. A separate adorable face paper case is available for about $25 to house the booklet. This may be a nice investment if Chidoriya is your brand. My life is fine without the case. I store the blotting sheets in my own adorable, portable makeup bag. The sheets are very thin and appear to have a sheer, shimmery gold coating. Read about that here. When I use the sheets to blot, I do not notice any shimmer on my face. And I don’t see shimmer left on the sheet. (The sheet instead looks transparent and gross. I have decided that I need better air in my office). I guess that the shimmer disappears with oil or that if it is left on my skin then it is subtle. My skin of course looks better after blotting with a sheet.

The sheets are thin, smooth, and silky. They feel much better to the touch than my bargain Papier Poudré. However, each booklet retails for $7 for 30 sheets. A booklet of Papier Poudré has 65 sheets and retails for under $4. I’m still trying to decide if it is worth the difference. But, yeah, husband was right, the packaging is cute. This product can be purchased at in the US.

Product picture is from Chidoriya World website.