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Writing about fragrances that move me, I seek to demystify the world of scents so that everyone can enjoy them.

My dear friend, DJ Ron, has finally started a perfume blog! We’ve spent years emailing each other back and forth giving our perfume impressions, talking about our current lemmings and the occasional celeb snark here and there. I could go on and on talking about what an admirable friend Ron has been, but let’s talk perfume. That’s why you’re reading EauMG, right?

Notable Scents is a wonderful website for those beginning to love and appreciate perfumes. There’s an entire section called Getting Started where Ron answers basic questions that many of us hardcore fumeheads take for granted. How do you store perfume? What is sillage? Ron’s reviews are straightforward, unpretentious and concise while offering us his noteworthy opinion (pun intended).

I hope you enjoy as much as I do. Get to know Ron on Twitter @NotableScents. And if you love dance music check out his on electronica.

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