Chantecaille Le Jasmin Perfume Review

The weirdest thing happened. I got a hair cut. I had my 40’s Rita Hayworth blunt but pin curled hair cut. I got a flapper bob. A nice, modern short bob. My hairstylist did an awesome job and it came out lovelier than expected. Smooth, straight, and better than vintage. I then went cosmetic shopping. No joke, every store that I went to kept pushing jasmine heavy scents on me. It has the be the “jazzy” new bob. I didn’t say that I liked jasmine or that I was looking for a jasmine scent. I do like jasmine but I was out and about browsing. I wasn’t looking for anything, really, I promise. Nordstrom pushed Creed Jasmin Imperatrice on me. Macy’s pushed Michael Kors Very Hollywood. Barney’s pushed Chantecaille Le Jasmin. It was unusual but I did enjoy the attention. The handsome man at Barney’s let me try Chantecaille Le Jasmine, offering a sample. (Love that these days). Chantecaille is a jasmine, a nice and kind jasmine. A feminine jasmine that doesn’t scream “sultry”. I like it but I don’t  like it well enough to add to my personal fragrance collection.

At first the fragrance is light and aquatic. It’s the mimosa and magnolia. It is very ladylike and pretty without coming across as coy or cheap. It somehow manages to be a refreshing floral, very light. I pick the jasmine up on my skin. It isn’t a “sexy” jasmine or a heavy jasmine often associated with older fashioned perfumes. It manages to be a light and “clean” jasmine, very “watery” and tame. I didn’t know jasmine could be so light! Other tropical white flowers are there. I do pick up on the tuberose but it is very light in comparison to the magnolia and jasmine. This wears a slightly sweet floral but not as sweet as Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors EDP. The difference is that this scent offers greenness that counteracts the sweeter elements. This has that sweet but light tropical white floral vibe. The dry down is clean too. It is a very feminine, fresh oakmoss. I love oakmoss and this one almost has a citrus rind quality to it on my skin. It’s a citrus-oakmoss with a touch of woods.

I like to think of this as a “nice” jasmine because it isn’t overwhelming or heavy. The jasmine doesn’t take over this scent. This is a “dainty” floral. I also think of this as a  starter jasmine for the same reasons. It is very feminine and wears nicely and “evenly”, even in hot temps. In fact, this is a great jasmine or white floral blend for hot climates. It doesn’t feel sticky or heavy. It has enough greenness to make it feel refreshing and cool to the sniffer.This scent is classified as an EDP. It wears lightly for an EDP. I say about 3 hours of wear.

Notes listed include: mimosa, magnolia, jasmine, tuberose, ylang-ylang, amber, and oakmoss.

I say to give this one a try if you like light white florals or scents like Fresh Pink Jasmine, i Profumi di Firenze Acqua Chiara ,  Bvlgari Voile de Jasmin, Kai EDP and/or Heeley Ophelia.

UPDATE: Perfume has been discontinued.

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from the brand.

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