Chanel Coco EDT Perfume Review

Chanel Coco

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Bored with courtly love I ask, “Why do you wear Coco?”

My tutor, a woman 18 years older than me, keeps speaking in French. I’ve finally found someone more serious and incapable of having fun than myself. I’m at my limit. No more Arthurian romance. No more French. She continues. I run my fingers across the now blurry words in Érec et Énide and close the book shut.

This time in French, “Pourquoi portez-vous Coco?” I know that fragrance from only smelling it on paper a few times.

Comment savais-tu?”

Je sais tout,” finally getting a faint smile from her. She continues to tell me that she bought the perfume in Paris without ever smelling it, a young and awkward graduate student intimidated by elegant, lanky sales associates. It was the only bottle of perfume she ever owned. Years later while hugging her 3 year old nephew, he pushed back her curly hair and said, “Never stop smelling good” and she didn’t. Coco became her signature not because it was the only perfume in her possession,  but because it represented the type of awkwardness one has when in a malapropos situation and the awkwardness one feels from receiving complete adoration. Sometimes we get the same feelings when we feel abhorred or adored.

I like to imagine that everyone has “their” Chanel fragrance. Mine is Coco. Coco is “my” Chanel. It’s one that I love to wear; it’s the one that has always stood out to me. One thing I’ve noticed with my blog is that I rarely review the fragrances that I wear the most. I wear them so frequently, I fail to analyze them. And with all the hype of Coco Noir, it’s time for me to talk about regular ‘ole Coco.

The Coco EDT is lighter and opens with more of a fizzy root beer opening than the EDP. It’s root beer and dusty florals mingling with dazzling Southern Californian florals. It’s a spicy fragrance with clove and cinnamon but the EDT isn’t as heavy with the spice as the other formulas. The aldehydes are what attract me to the EDT. It gives this scent brightness, a lift. The heart of the fragrance is a spicy floral amber. It all blends together like classic French perfume should. The base is a dry, leathery incense. I love how Coco wears on my skin.

Like I said, I prefer the EDT over the EDP. The EDP is gorgeous but I tend to like that Coco is an 1980’s style  that is lighter and has a sheerness. It’s a beautiful perfume for a early fall that attaches seamlessly to scarves and sweaters.

Chanel Coco ad

Notes listed include angelica, mimosa, frangipani, mandarin, cascarilla, orange flower, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, labdanum, ambrette seed, opopanax, benzoin, tonka and vanilla. Launch date 1984. PERFUMER – Jacques Polge

Give Coco a try if you like spicy amber fragrances. Or if you like YSL Opium (old formula), Estee Lauder Cinnabar, Aramis JHL, Estee Lauder Beautiful EDT, Guerlain Samsara and/or Cartier Must de Cartier. At one time I viewed Coco as feminine, but as mainstream masculines get sweeter and sweeter I view Coco as unisex.

Even for an EDT, Coco has above average projection and longevity.

You don’t have to spend too much to enjoy amazing perfume. The 1.7 oz retails for $68 and the 3.4 oz for $90 at Nordstrom.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA dazzling, warm floral amber. This is “my” Chanel. This is perfume.

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*A perfume that will always be in my collection. Product pic from Nordstrom. Shalom Harlow pic from Pixiwoo. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

28 thoughts on “Chanel Coco EDT Perfume Review

  1. I love Coco. It’s warm and elegant but very easy to wear I think. It’s in the rotation a lot in the fall and winter for me.

    1. It’s the “ease” that I adore. I feel like so many of the other feminine Chanels wear me; they aren’t comfortable. But, Coco is warm and cozy and adheres to my skin and fabrics in a way that I love.

      It’s a heavy rotation fall/winter scent for me too. I’m pretty sure that all of my scarves are soaked in it 😉

  2. I’ve always loved the EDP but have never tried the EDT. I will definitely give it a try as I love the original but sometimes it’s just too heavy for me. Thanks for the review on this!

    1. I do like the EDP and if it were gifted to me, I’d wear it. But, it is “heftier” and I like the “veil” like quality of the EDT.

      Bottom line is that Coco is gorgeous regardless.

  3. Top 5 Orientals. Ladies, who wear coco, are not to mess The initial carnation note (minus lily) reminded me of Bellodgia by Caron (masterpiece). The middle note of Damasks rose is most sought after, spicy and somewhat lingering. Tonka bean and Patchouli in the base notes is the only letdown, as they both are diametrically opposed (my opinion). If it shared the same basenotes of Bois Des Iles, of Tonka bean and Sandalwood.. Then this would be a master class creation.

    1. Ha! I agree 😉
      Funny you mention Bellodgia, one I’ve been wearing frequently. I tend to prefer the EDT of it as well.

  4. Coco is my Chanel too! I agree with Goutam,(and I LOVE Bellodgia)!! I simply love my Coco, have been wearing it for many years (at least once a month, more in the winter) and will never quit: it is perfect for that certain mood! The body oil spray in the sexy black bottle was the best thing ever, not sure if they are still making that, I’m going to search for it right now!

    1. If I had to guess your Chanel, I’d have to go with Coco. It fits you perfectly. I’ve always joked that it is a brunette’s perfume. A fiery, brunettes perfume 🙂

      I know what you’re talking about. I had a bottle maybe 7 years ago. I doubt they make it anymore or if they do, they hide it. They tend to focus more on the newer launches.

  5. I love Chanel Coco, even though its not “my” Chanel – i find this beautiful oriental very comforting to wear in winter. Like cashmere 🙂

  6. finally someone giving credit to the great “Coco”. This fragrance is stunning and makes a statement. i never get tired of smelling it and certainly never get tired of wearing it. it makes me feel finished, outfit complete, ready to conquer the world. it’s divine and oh so much better than the newer derivatives, in my humble opinion. fyi, i’m a blonde, i am a very young 60, and i like to make a statement…….hence Coco. Thanks for the review!

    1. I never fell for the others. None of them spoke to me like Coco does. I agree. It’s polished and makes a statement.

      🙂 My French tutor was a natural blonde.

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