Chabaud Innocente Fragilite EDP Perfume Review

Chabaud Innocente Fragilite

Chabaud Innocente Fragilité is a floral perfume that is a “tribute to purity”. When it comes to purity, I could care less unless we’re talking about potable water or the tubes of lipstick I’m buying at Sephora (for real, what makes people play in the items when there are testers out?!). When I think of flowers, I don’t think of purity either. In fact, I’ve always viewed flowers as if they were predators – attracting insects to do their pollination. Many parts of flowers are poisonous to animals and humans. Flowers have never really seemed “innocent” to me. However, “innocence” must sell (I think this explains why white still sells wedding dresses, etc) and I’m not the target demographic for such marketing.

The opening of Innocente Fragilité is tart and sheer. It reminds me of a cocktail of orange blossom water and coconut water. It’s light and refreshing. The heart of the fragrance is like manoï oil on warm skin. It’s a warm floral with a creamy oiliness. The rest of the wear is a waxy jasmine, quince and white musk that wears like “my skin but better”.

For a perfume marketed as so innocent and fragile, I’m really surprised by how much I like it. It’s like “beach musk” that’s sheer and non-intrusive. It has the feel of “Southern Californian” florals that I like such as Kai but it’s not an oil so it doesn’t wear like it’s “heavy”.

Lizbeth Scott

Notes listed include white flowers, orange blossom, jasmine, gardenia and musk.

Give Innocente Fragilité a try if you like sheer white florals or sheer musk scents. Or if you like perfumes like J.Lo Glow, Terra Nova China Rain, Susan D. Owens Child, Le Labo Neroli 36, Jennifer Aniston Lolavie, Philosophy Pure Grace and/or Serge Lutens Clair de Musc.

Innocente Fragilité has below average projection (which is why I like it) and average longevity. It wears close to the skin like a “skin scent”.

The 3.4 oz bottle retails for $135 at Osswald. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONBeach musk. It’s like orange blossom water, coconut water and manoï oil with a lot of white musk. It’s light enough for summer wear but it also seems like something I’d wear in the dead of winter as a reminder that winter will end.

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  1. The terrible name aside this sounds right up my street, I’m always a sucker for a beachy floral 🙂

    1. The name is so lame. The fact that I like to wear something with this name is so laughable. BUT I really love the fragrance.

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