CB I Hate Perfume Fire from Heaven/Smoke Perfume Review

CB I Hate Perfume

So many perfume brands have an incense because it’s how we get back to our roots. Incense is where it all started. In fact, the “perfume” comes from the Latin word “perfumare”, which translates to “to smoke through”. It seems like any brand that is worth paying attention to has an incense inspired perfume in their collection. For CB I Hate Perfume, there’s 703 Fire From Heaven/Smoke.

Fire from Heaven is like a dank cedarwood. It eventually gets sweeter and smokier, like a buttery sandalwood and charred woods. Maybe it’s the smokiness, but I get something that reminds me of Russian leather in the heart. The dry-down is a sweet, wonderful amber that is steamy, hazy. It’s an amber that is “smoking through”. Overall, it’s a really pleasant incense fragrance. It’s not too acrid or resinous. It’s a smooth, smoky incense that perfectly balances resins and woods.

Evelyn Brent smoking

Notes listed include frankincense, myrrh, opopanax, cedar, sandalwood, styrax and labdanum. Launched in 2007. PERFUMER – Christopher Brosius

Give Fire from Heaven a try if you like smoky, woodsy or incense scents. Or if you like perfumes like April Aromatics Calling All Angels, 10 Corso Como, Diptyque Tam Dao, YOSH Sombre Negra or any of the CdG Incense Series.

Projection and longevity of the absolute are below average. This is a close wearing fragrance. it’s also available in a water-base which I haven’t tried.

The absolute (oil) retails for $125 at CB I Hate Perfume. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA hazy incense amber. CB I Hate Perfume offers many interesting compositions based on memories and places; however, Fire From Heaven is one of the most “wearable” ones in the collection. It’s a creamy incense, a really chill and laid-back fragrance that I find myself wanting to wear more than many of the other more “interesting” ones.

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*Sample purchased by me. Product pic from CB I Hate Perfume.  Evelyn Brent pic from